How B.D. Wong Made Jurassic Doritos: 100% Edible Dinosaur-Sized Chips

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is turning the world into dinosaur-crazed maniacs (hey, dinosaurs are cool.) We’re getting T-Rex Trucks, Jurassic ice cream, and, now, a rare “dinosaur” hybrid called Jurassic Doritos.

Invented by villainous Dr. Henry Wu (played by B.D. Wong), this new creation is not another Indominus rex, but a giant Dorito. The story goes that Dr. Wu, the chief genetic engineer at Jurassic Park, merged dinosaur and Dorito DNA in an “experiment gone horribly wrong.” The result: massive Doritos sitting one-foot tall that hatch out of dinosaur eggs.

Because, why wouldn’t they?

jurassic dorito
Jahla Seppanen/The Manual

This chip-asaurus may sound like fiction, but Jurassic Doritos actually exist. Almost 18-times the size of a regular Dorito tortilla chip and 100-percent% edible, only 100 of them have been released into the wild, delivered in heavy, metal archeological evidence road boxes. Each egg comes with a certificate of authenticity, a “chip number,” and a how-to on opening the Jurassic Chip.

Fans can vie to “adopt” their own by tweeting @Doritos with #JurassicDoritos #entry. One of the 100 Jurassic Doritos will be auctioned off and the winning bid will go to the American Red Cross to help those affected by the volcanic events in Hawaii, where much of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (which comes out June 22) were shot.

We still had plenty of questions needing answers, so we met with B.D. Wong to talk about the fun collaboration, plus other Manual essentials.

The Manual: These Jurassic Doritos are edible?

BD Wong: I’ve seen them and they’re gigantic. Full of delicious nacho cheese.

TM: How long would it take to eat one?

BW: It depends how into Doritos you are. It would take me two seconds. Realistically, it seems like this giant Dorito might be like a family-sized bag of chips. So the amount of time it takes to eat is like an episode of Westworld. [Wong underestimates our ability to eat chips.]

TM: Would General Li Shang (voiced by B.D. Wong in the 1998 Disney film Mulan) be able to feed his army with a Jurassic Dorito?

BW: No, because these are hungry men.

TM: Do you think some fans will preserve their dinosaur Dorito?

BW: Oh, definitely. You’ll see some in the Smithsonian in the year 3000.

TM: What are some artifacts you’d love to own?

BW: The Maltese Falcon — would love to have on my mantle. And the Katz’s Deli sign over the table where Meg Ryan had her fake orgasm in the comedy When Harry Met Sally. I like movie artifacts.

TM: Does the Jurassic Dorito give away any hints for the new movie?

BW: There are lots of new, different kinds of dinosaurs. The movie takes place in a very different place than we’re used to. (Not an island setting.) “The park is gone” is the slogan in the movie, so we’re taken to another level. Also, [Chris Pratt] and [Bryce Dallas Howard]’s chemistry is really great. There’s heat between them and great action. Perhaps off the screen, my character has somehow grafted dinosaur DNA and Doritos, but there’s no real, on-screen or intellectual basis for it. It’s all in good fun.

TM: If you could Jurassic-ify anything else in your life, what would it be?

BW: I’m a small person, so no apparel should be Jurassic-sized. Now that ties are getting wide again, I’m getting very uncomfortable. That’s because everything that fits looks better. I would say no dinosaur DNA with men’s clothing. Especially jewelry. But when it comes to food, who doesn’t love a giant mojito — I’m thinking a Jurassic pitcher of mojitos for one person, enjoyed with a boba straw.

TM: Doing the commercial, you learned the right way to eat a Dorito. Teach us!

BW: Shooting a commercial for a food product is really interesting. The way you have to eat the Dorito is by holding the smaller end. A Dorito is an isosceles triangle; hold the pointed end and put the shortest side into your mouth, one side then the other.


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