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Lost Andy Warhol painting inspires an Absolut Vodka limited edition

Warhol painted a bottle for the brand's iconic ad campain in 1985


Swedish brand Absolut is a mainstay of the vodka market and is one of our picks for best budget vodka bottles, giving decent quality for its relatively low price. If you’re looking to pick up a classic vodka for mixed drinks like a screwdriver or a vodka and coke, then Absolut is an easy go-to — and as well as its quality vodka, the brand is also known for its fun and creative packaging. Absolut generally comes in bottles of the same shape and size, but there are colorful options for different flavored vodkas, and also striking and unique bottle designs for special releases and limited editions.

Now, the brand is debuting a new limited edition bottle, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.  Warhol was commissioned to paint an Absolut bottle in 1985, creating an iconic image for the Absolut Warhol ad campaign. But while working on that image, Warhol also created a second painting called Absolut Blue, which was only recently rediscovered.

That painting serves as the backdrop for this bottle. The design is added to the bottle using a multi-layer screen printing process to give a 3D effect, and each bottle comes with a QR code which links to more information and a signature cocktail recipe. Inside the bottles which will come in both 700 ml and 1 liter sizes, there’s the same classic Absolut vodka.

“Our collaboration with Absolut Vodka celebrates Warhol’s enduring artistic legacy and cultural influence through his belief in the power of art to provoke thought and inspire change,” said Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing, Marketing, and Sales at The Andy Warhol Foundation. “We are thrilled to see this dynamic campaign come to life, inviting new generations to engage with his legacy in a fresh and dynamic way. Proceeds from this impactful collaboration will generously support the philanthropic work of The Andy Warhol Foundation in fulfilling its mission to advance the visual arts and projects that challenge the status quo.”

Bottles will be available first in travel retail stores and then be available globally from September this year.

Georgina Torbet
Georgina Torbet is a cocktail enthusiast based in Berlin, with an ever-growing gin collection and a love for trying out new…
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