A.1.’s Meat Scented Candles Are the Father’s Day Gift that Will Melt His Heart

Just as the KFC Colonel Sanders-shaped floatie is a real thing (and if you haven’t entered to win it yet, what are you waiting for?), meat scented candles are a real thing and you can really buy them for your father or any other-meat loving person in your life.

This year, A.1., the steak sauce that has been sold since 1831 (yeah, it’s that old), has unveiled a new product just in time for Father’s Day: meat scented candles. Does your father love meat? Does he get antsy when it’s time to grill and the storm clouds won’t move on? Is your first memory of him one where he’s holding a set of tongs or a spatula? Then these may be for him.

Coming in three scents—Original Meat, Backyard BBQ, and Classic Burger, each candle is 9-ounces and retails for $14.99. They are hand-poured in the USA (a selling point if pops is super patriotic), and are said to burn for between fifty and seventy hours (though the website says between forty and sixty).

The candles are for sale exclusively at www.A1MeatScents.com until supplies run dry.

Don’t think dad is a candle man but still loves his steak sauce? You could always buy him a gallon of the stuff, a six-pack of bottles, or even this vintage A.1. ad for Cowpunchers (dude style). Cowpunchers (made in the dude style), seem to be burgers. With onions and A.1. sauce. That’s it. (And while we learned through research that a “cowpuncher” is a term for a cowboy or a ranch hand that works with cattle, it still seems like an odd choice for a recipe title when the phrase “Cowboy Burger” would’ve been just as easy.)

Because we couldn’t resist the rabbit hole that was A.1. branded goods on Ebay, we also found these vintage “Meat doneness picks” that were produced by A.1., if you need a little something extra for ol’ Daddy-o.

Alternatively—for candle lovers and candle haters alike—you could always buy dad a portable grill, pick up a nice cut of beef he’s probably not heard of, and cooking it together, which is probably just as fun as a meat-scented candle.)

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