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Track your workouts: This deal gets you an Apple Watch for just $149

An Apple Watch SE being worn on someone's wrist with the apps displayed on its screen.

Jogging is delightful, at least mildly. Sometimes. If it isn’t actively hurting your knees, it can bring your mind to another place and give you a deeply rewarding feeling. Unfortunately, as a society, we’ve begun to put immense pressure on ourselves to track everything. What was our heartrate during the run? How far did when run? What was the altitude of the run? And so on. This burning curiosity and compulsion to know everything takes a lot of the restful joy right out of running. However, with an Apple Watch SE — now on sale at Walmart for just $149 — you can forget about the tracking and get back to the trekking. Take a look at the Apple Watch SE, which is $130 off (down from $279) by tapping the button below. Then, if you’re still curious, read on to see how an Apple Watch SE can track your runs and other workouts.

Why you should buy an Apple Watch SE

If you’ve glossed over casual watches for men as being a bit too simple, but aren’t exactly after a Rolex either, getting the Apple Watch SE on sale is a fantastic middle ground. So long as you have an iPhone 6s or later to pair it with, the Apple Watch SE will be your workout companion through thick and thin. From traditional uses like tracking your heart rate during running, to special modes that will finally help you add tai chi to your daily workout, the Apple Watch SE will improve your workout and inspire you to continue to try new things. At the very least, it will entertain you while you do the hard work by syncing up with your favorite songs, audiobooks, and those workout podcasts you keep meaning to listen to.

Furthermore, if you’re the type to run alone in places your mother still doesn’t approve of, or take somewhat dangerous hikes, the Apple Watch SE has additional features for you. For example, if you take a great fall, your Apple Watch SE can contact emergency services for you (read the conditions on this one first, though, just to be safe). If you have cell signal, and don’t know these SOS signals, the Apple Watch SE can also serve as an emergency SOS in your times of greatest need.

By now, if your interest is peaked, head over to Walmart via the button below. You’ll find the Apple Watch SE for just $149, with is $130 less than its usual $249. Then, take a look at these cool Apple Watch bands to customize its appearance. Or, reject modernity altogether, and go back to a dumb watch.

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