Feasting: The Misen Knife is Making Our Kitchen Dreams Come True

feasting the misen knife is making our kitchen dreams come true
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There’s definitely a sweeping idea in the culinary world that a good knife needs to be expensive. And it isn’t necessarily unwarranted because with premium materials and craftsmanship comes premium prices. But what if there was a way to get a professional quality tool without spending hundreds of dollars? Luckily for all you home cooks out there, Misen has found a way.

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Starting with one extraordinary knife, Misen is redefining kitchen essentials through premium materials, thoughtful design and honest pricing. Most knives are so expensive because of traditional retail markups, so Misen partnered closely with factories and sells directly to the consumer online. By cutting out the middle man, they’re able to offer an incredible knife, made with premium materials, at a wholesale price.

Any pro chef will tell you a quality chef’s knife is the single most important kitchen tool, perfect for everything from mincing garlic to breaking down a whole bird. So Misen spent the last 18 months making sketches, building prototypes and testing along with home cooks, product designers and builders to create an amazing chef’s knife at an honest price.

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A great knife should do two things very well: feel good in your hand and cut with a razor-sharp edge. Western-style knives have a pronounced belly that encourages a rocking motion while flatter Japanese knives are more efficient for slicing. The Misen incorporates elements from both styles, designed with 15 degree edge angles that support multiple cutting techniques whether it’s rocking, slicing or chopping. Premium Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel gives it a sharper, longer-lasting edge, and it has 60% higher carbon content than other mainstream “premium” knife brands for sharpness retention and durability. Misen’s unique sloped bolster moves gradually onto the blade face which provides a comfortable grip for every hand and encourages a proper “pinch grip” hold for increased control. The thermoplastic handle is incredibly resistant to shrinkage or warping and becomes subtly rounder towards the front to work in tandem with the sloped bolster.

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To say we are excited about this knife is an understatement, but Misen needs your help. They launched their Kickstarter campaign this week to fund the first production run of the knife for things like the initial custom molding, raw materials and skilled labor. If you want to be one of the first people to own this incredible knife, head over to their page and lend your support now.


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