Worn Out Wednesday – Tanner Campbell

worn wednesday tanner campbell 2

We assume a background in Counter Terrorism really can adjust one to the most irritable guest (or client) in the world of hospitality. Meet Tanner Campbell,  the Creative Director of the Sydell Group, which owns and develops such killer properties as The NoMad Hotel, The Saguaro, The Freehand in Miami and the upcoming Line hotel in Los Angeles. Campbell did indeed work in  intelligence before finding his way into the world of handsome hotel properties. We asked Mr. Campbell to give us a bit of background and dive deep into his personal style.

In his own words:

I got started in creative work back in 1999 in San Francisco where I co-founded a small creative agency that worked to reposition hospitality concepts – restaurants, clubs, hotels, etc. The idea was to help our clients gain back or earn a bit of credibility and identity in the San Francisco community just as the internet bubble was collapsing. We did a lot of collaborations and events-based projects with music labels like Loveslap! and DJ Kicks.

In 2001 I switched gears and moved back east to Washington, DC to begin work in Maritime Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.  In that line of work, I traveled a lot and spent a great deal of time in London which is where I became forever hooked on English bench-made shoes – Crockett & Jones and Edward Green to be exact. They got me on dress shirts as well – Hilditch & Key, Turnbull & Asser, and the like.  My different liaisons in that line of work found me a common patron of hotels and the discreet cocktail bar as places for discourse and building trust with one’s fellow man – ultimately inspiring me to go back into hospitality and more positively focused creative work.

In 2007, I moved to New York to attend graduate school at Columbia and upon graduating was hired by Andrew Zobler to join Sydell Group.

Here Tanner gives us some insight on his personal style:

Regarding gear/fashion: I like a uniform.  I am between New York and LA quite a bit so it’s easiest to keep things simple.

Jeans: APC and Acne. They are plain, crispy, and you break them in yourself.

Shirts: Thom Browne, Black Fleece and Hilditch & Key.  Drakes ties are my favorite neckwear.

Pants: Unis for cotton trousers, custom made dress gray slacks from Ned the Tailor in New York.

Suits: Paul Stuart makes the best suits off the rack and has a crack tailoring team onsite. My tuxedo is from Dunhill.

Shoes: Crockett & Jones (a lot of suede), Nike Air Max, Common Projects and Danner boots.

Accessories: My watch is a Breitling – a gift from my father who is my best friend and true mentor. I have worn it for 15 straight years everyday. I have it rigged up with one of their rubber strap setups currently.

I have a WANT – Les Essentiels reversible leather bracelet in the mix too. We (Sydell) collaborated on the Kitsune shop at The NoMad Hotel and I discovered these there.

Outerwear: I have a bunch of Barbour quilted jackets that I rotate and waxed cotton Beaufort for damper, colder situations. I wear an SNS Herning Cardigan sweater constantly. Founded in 1920, it’s a Danish brand with roots in fishing sweaters.  The product is insanely well made and is practically indestructible.

Your favorite app: Uber.

Favorite piece of technology: My new Fuji X-M1 and my iPhone.

Next tech purchase: Orange Lambo.