Worn Out Wednesday – Brooks Heritage Shoes’ Shane Downey

worn out wednesday shane downey

Today we meet Brooks Running Shoes Business Manager, Shane Downey.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I spent my early years in Portland. I grew up playing sports and loving athletics of all types as sports posters adorned my room; I could rattle off the latest MVP or National Championship numbers. This athletic and sports culture impacted me and I was lucky enough to eventually work in the space.

I graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a degree in English and a 2nd degree in Communications but my passion remained rooted in sport. My first job out of college was in the athletic footwear industry and I have been forever thankful and humbled by this opportunity. Spending 15 years in an industry that I love, I’m passionate about and inspired by is like living a dream or winning the lottery. I feel like I am surrounded by likeminded people who are hyped over the same small details that many others might think are just a “tennis shoe”, but to those of us in the space generate a passion and exuberance unparalleled.

I was hired 15 years ago into an entry level position with New Balance and worked remotely for 10 years before relocating to Boston to work out of the corporate headquarters. After 3 ½ years there and working in a variety of roles, Brooks Running reached out to me with an opportunity that was something I couldn’t say no to. To move back to Seattle and in the shadow of the Space Needle with a goal of creating and launching a Heritage Collection represented not only a business opportunity, but a passion product from a brand dedicated to running, and which has been a major player for 100 years! I grew up in the age of the “Sneaker Boom” and will be forever shaped by this.

I bought my first signature shoe in elementary school as I cut lawns all summer to purchase the original Air Jordan 1! It shaped me into who I am today about finding a passion, having laser focus on it and not stopping until you achieve it. You could say my sneaker passion started early and burns hotter than ever today. This sneaker obsession drives everything that I do and impacts every purchase that I make. I start at the floor and build up as it’s all about the shoes and how I can extenuate that look. Whether it’s a wild color or a refined finish, the retro sneaker is the modern day dress shoe and I don’t go anywhere without it.

I seek comfort and simplicity in my daily dress, as I like a tailored fit that will highlight my gear and allow me to let my shoes speak for themselves. A nice watch, small discovery details on my pieces and kitfrom head to toe that links my philosophy drives each and every decision. Whether it’s a button up or a crew neck and flat brim I remain rooted in classic athletic and simplicity. Craftsmanship and quality are desired in everything I purchase.

We launched the Brooks Heritage Collection a year ago to celebrate Brooks Running Company’s 100th Anniversary and to bring back to life the classic silhouettes from our archives in a way that authentically captures the spirit of the run. We are extremely proud of the excitement and growth surrounding Brooks Heritage. This spring, we’re evolving the ‘70s Brooks Vanguard and ‘80s Brooks Chariot silhouette with new colors and materialization. We are also stepping into the ‘90s with the reintroduction of the Brooks Fusion, which is inspired by the technology boom of the era. Going forward we will continue to bring forward new silhouettes from our archives as well as explore fresh stories through color and material executions.

As for Shane’s personal style:

Jeans: This is a go to piece for any occasion in my mind and so I’m looking for adaptability and quality denim. Hudson is a staple as they fit great, have nice details and hold their shape.

Shirts: The week is a mixture of looks for me as I will range from Top Man Button Up or Crew Necks to a John Elliot Hoody or an artisan t-shirt as I love a shirt with a story or a background from local companies or resident artists. The creativity of the t-shirt and the effort from the artist I find inspiring. I look for these designs printed on Alternative Apparel as the shirts fit like a glove, feel amazing and don’t lose it after multiple washes. I’m a huge fan of Casual Industrees, which is a Seattle based t-shirt company whose entire line is centered on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Pants: Joggers are starting to take over my closet with Publish and Zanerobe dominating my rotation right now. Whether it’s a solid color or a print I am not afraid to rock a bold pair that works with the right sneaker making a statement.

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Suits: Not even a part of my wardrobe! It’s either a fresh button up or joggers or I can’t attend the event! Sneakers are still in the mix. Maybe it’s time to grow up as my significant other tells me this all of the time. I have been on the search for a dope camo blazer if anyone can help me.

Shoes: Let’s just say sneakers that range from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. Nothing after 2000.

Accessories: Classic Casio G Shock. The colors, the durability, the history are all exciting and their continued evolution in the market is compelling. I have roughly 20 watches and most of them are some variety of G Shocks. I have a large collection of New Era 5950 that I keep fresh. Stored safely with no risk of bending the brim. I am a huge local sports fan so all of the hats are some iteration of my hometown pride. Go Hawks (Seattle Seahawks)! Go Dawgs (University of Washington)!

Outerwear: K Way Rain Jacket and a North Face puffy jacket. Growing up in the Northwest you don’t need the heavy duty gear you need in the Northeast but a light cover up that keeps you dry and warm and you’re good to go. It doesn’t rain as much as you think but some level of water resistance is a must.

Favorite Cologne: Wood. I love the natural scent of this cologne and I might be a city boy in a land of outdoor seekers but I love the smell. Gets me close to nature with its oak and evergreen notes.

Your favorite App: IMDB. I love movies and can’t live without this app as I am constantly searching who is that guy in that movie or what’s next for a specific actor.

Favorite piece of technology: The invention of the DVR. With my travel, work, and life schedule the DVR has become a valued member of the household as I can catch games, movies, and documentaries that I can’t always see. I am an avid reader so I can capture two passions by utilizing the DVR to my advantage when I am into a book.

Next tech purchase: I’m not a huge technology gadget guy, as I like the feel of a book in my hands versus an e-reader. I like to keep it classic with an iPad, iPhone 6, and laptop. I did recently purchase a HD 3D TV, as this was an upgrade that I was excited to make. The next purchase will be a Wireless Bluetooth speaker that I can move around and utilize all over the house.

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