What to Wear: Rooftop Party

what to wear rooftop party
Right now in New York the weather scorching hot. Although we wish we could just sit around in the pool all day, we have a few rooftop parties we need to attend. In New York and other urban areas that lack backyards, rooftops are the next best thing. For a rooftop party you’ll want to select an outfit that looks put together, but is comfortable. Most important, the fabrics must be as light as possible and breathable so that you won’t end up getting heatstroke from being in this unbearable weather. Those of you who are in locales with cooler weather, we’re jealous!

So first of all, what kind of rooftop shindig is it? The ensemble we picked out is definitely for a more casual rooftop affair, like a Sunday afternoon with cocktails and kiddie pools. If you’re going to a party that’s more formal, say the rooftop of a chic club, please up your ante accordingly. The light polo shirt and shorts we picked will keep you as cool as possible, while that straw fedora will keep the sun out of your face. Now all you need is an ice cold beer in your hand and you’re set.

Heading to a rooftop party? We’d love to see how you do it. Post your photos on Instagram and be sure to tag us @TheManualStyle .

Calvin Klein Cotton Striped Polo, $40.60 at dillards.com; Rivieras Slip-On Shoe, $80 at barneys.com; RVCA Americana Shorts, $39.95 at RVCA.com; Stetson Florentine Straw Fedora, $76.52 at bonanza.comJack Black Performance Remedy Oil-Free Sun Guard Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF 45 Sunscreen, $21 at amazon.com; Burt’s Bees All Natural Outdoor Herbal Insect Repellent, $7.99 at drugstore.com.

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