Here’s What to Wear on Memorial Day Weekend

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If you’ve been checking your calendar at all, perhaps you’ve been met with something of a shock: Memorial Day weekend is coming up. If that’s where you find yourself at this moment, you might have come across another shock: you’ve got nothing to wear. At least, nothing that exudes the balance of classic-yet-casual style you want to convey this summer. It’s an all-American holiday that calls for all-American style, so our men’s summer fashion picks include classic sneakers, a durable-as-heck watch from a trusted American brand, and a versatile chambray shirt fit for any occasion. Whether this weekend finds you out on the water or manning the grill, look great while doing it — the hard work is already done for you with this ensemble.

Relwen Sailcloth Tanker Jacket – $252
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Honor the holiday with an exceptionally easy-to-style, versatile jacket that gives a nod to military heritage and goes with just about anything, including our featured shirting pick as outlined below.

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CIVIC Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt – $118
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Whether your Memorial Day calls for a trip to the boardwalk or a more casual round of backyard brews, a short-sleeve chambray shirt nails that tricky balance between dressed-up and laid-back style.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Mid-Length Plainfront Shorts – $48
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Leave it to a revamped brand like Abercrombie & Fitch to focus on something as simple as plain-front khaki shorts. These are tailored nicely and made with no added bells and whistles (like cargo pockets). They’re a perfect summer weekend style move.

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SeaVees Racquet Club Sneakers – $108
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For a weekend that could involve everything from a backyard barbecue to a couple hours of travel, you need sneakers that can work with you, not against you. The SeaVees Racquet Club Sneakers are one such pair, channeling both West Coast cool and modern styling potential. Keep ‘em handy to wear with slim chinos and a white Oxford during the work week.

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Pair of Thieves Prism No-show Sport Socks – $10
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Throw down $10 for a great pair of no-show socks that are going to make your Memorial Day travels that much more comfortable. These feature dependable technology and a fit that gives your feet room to breath.

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Shinola Runwell Sport Chrono – $875
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Your Memorial Day weekend may call for quite the variety of potential activities. The Shinola Runwell Sport Chrono can work for each and every one of ‘em, thanks to a durable build and a versatile design.

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Todd Snyder + New Era Dad Hat – $58
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This Todd Snyder + New Era cap isn’t any old logo ballcap — it’s subtly stylish and understated, all the better to be worn with a classically casual ensemble like the one we’ve compiled here. The navy color goes with just about everything.

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MVMT Weekend Sunglasses – $85
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Go for a pair of shades that won’t detract from the rest of your outfit. The Weekend Sunglasses from MVMT are subtle, simple, understated, and perfect for any scenario this Memorial Day weekend.

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