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What to look for in a cooling pillow?

If you find yourself waking up hot or having trouble sleeping because you’re too warm, then you might be someone who could benefit from a cooling pillow. Since it’s widely known that approximately 10% of the body heat is released through the head (think winter hats), it makes sense that keeping the head cool with a pillow can help keep the body cool. And once you’ve cooled the body down enough, your sleep quality is sure to improve as well. The right cooling pillow can lower the temperature of the head, as well as the neck and shoulders, to help you fall asleep faster and get to levels of more rejuvenating, deeper sleep.

What properties will you find in the best cooling pillows?

The optimal pillow dissipates heat with any of several types of technology usually utilized, most often cooling gel coupled with moisture wicking properties, heightened breathability, i.e. ventilation constructed into the materials for greater air flow, and/or a fabric that tends to remain cool to the touch, i.e. bamboo. Natural fabrics like bamboo and cotton tend to be more breathable, so they can stay cooler than synthetics.

Gels can be infused into other materials, like in the case of gel-infused shredded memory foam fill in some cooling pillows, or kept in their own layers alongside a plush core to promote cooling no matter which side of the pillow faces the sleeping person.

Well-ventilated materials strategically placed throughout the pillow can help you cool off, as can moisture-wicking properties in fabrics and other materials.

Look for endorsements from the right organizations

If you’re unsure, look for pillows endorsed by physicians or other professionals familiar with the problems of hot sleeping. For example, a mattress by Saatva is endorsed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, which means it’s recommended by groups of leading American chiropractors. The mattress, among other sleep advantages, has a highly breathable organic cotton cover to promote cooling air flow throughout the mattress. Each of the 3 layers of the Saatva Talalay Pillow incorporates cooling properties as well, making it likely to help a hot sleeper rest.

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