Umberto Luce Brings Rock-and-Roll Edge to Men’s Boots

Umberto Luce

There’s the standard mass-marketing approach to men’s footwear, and then there’s the approach taken by Umberto Luce. The nuanced attention to detail in each pair of Umberto Luce men’s boots is worth applauding — and purchasing.

From the stylish design to the unique lock-sticker outsole, Umberto Luce takes rugged, refined boots very seriously. The brand’s distressed-yet-versatile aesthetic is influenced by the brand’s namesake and founder, who brings a rock ‘n roll attitude to shoes that’s as cool as any we’ve seen.

Umberto Luce founder

Founder Umberto Luce

“Rock and roll used to be synonymous with a unique sort of counter-culture, a way of life that took a path of its own. Pushing forward when the world around you resists. I loved the sensation of being part of that,” Luce said. Umberto Luce footwear represent more than just a pair for daily wear — they represent a way of life for the designer.

Umberto Luce idol ankle boots

Idol Ankle Boots

The blend of music savvy and old-school craftsmanship is reflected in the names of the shoes, from the scuffed and broken-in Idol Ankle Boots made from bovine leather to the Ramone Boots, a beastly pair of lace-ups that would look right at home with a faded pair of Levi’s jeans. We love the Hendrix Ankle Boots especially; they’re the sort of pair you might see paired with a crisp black suit, a la Matt Berninger of The National.

Umberto Luce workshop

The whole look and feel of the Umberto Luce brand stems from merging art and fashion together, an approach that anyone who’s ever attended a great rock show can appreciate. The company makes much of its footwear to order in small batches in Leon, Mexico, all the while keeping that decidedly rock-ready aesthetic. Umberto himself hand-selects leathers from local suppliers, which then end up on your feet (ideally at a music festival, right?). It’s that customized, tailored approach that’s admirable — and it means your shoes are entirely unique to you.