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Two tone watches for men are hot — these are our favorites

two-toned blue and silver watch
Caramel/Unsplash / Unsplash

With new watch trends popping up left and right, there is always a new feature to look for. While two-tone watches aren’t new to the watch industry, they’re certainly seeing an increase in love thanks to some spectacular timepieces from well-known brands. These newer wristwatches from brands like Rolex and Seiko range give you the appeal and dazzle of the two-tone color design, with all the quality and characteristics of these luxurious watch brands. 

Although it’s easy to assume that two-toned watches are too over-the-top, certain designs and color combinations can look elegant and timeless. Even though this is a current watch trend, having a distinct detail like the two-tone color characteristic won’t diminish its longevity or elegance. A statement piece, you can invest in any of these two-tone watches now and enjoy them for years to come.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Two tone Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

If there is anything that Rolex specializes in, it’s quality and elegance. While Rolex is synonymous with timelessness and history, the Cosmograph Daytona is a modern, sleek, and trendy timepiece that gives you the feel of a two-tone watch but doesn’t lose the essence of a Rolex design. Inspired by the Daytona Speedway, home of some of the most iconic moments in American Motorsports, this Swiss-designed piece has all the bells and whistles you would expect. 

Featuring both Oystersteel and yellow gold, this Rolex has a black dial, contrasting counter rings, 18 kt gold applique hour markers, and hands with a Chromalight display. At 40 mm, it’s the perfect size for most wrists.

Chopard Alpine Eagle 41

Chopard Alpine eagle

Chopard is known for its intricate and statement accessories, and they’ve brought that same feel to their timepieces. In the Chopard Alpine Eagle collection, the brand also brought the feel of sports into their design and used the two-toned concept to do so. Inspired by the Alps, these wristwatches have various color combinations to choose from, all invoking the same feel of nature. 

Unlike the other two-toned watches on the market, the Chopard Alpine Eagle collection is a modern re-design of Chopard’s St.Moritz. The St. Moritz watch was originally to be a luxurious sports watch; something mimicked in the Alpine Eagle pieces. Exclusively designed and developed by Maison Chopard, the Alpine Eagle wristwatches use recycled steel and responsibly sourced gold, an effort by the brand to continue protecting the very scenic landscape from which it drew inspiration. 

Timex x Todd Snyder Q 1978 Two-Tone

Todd Snyder

Separately, Timex and Todd Snyder are known for being elegant and sophisticated options in their respective industries. Todd Snyder is known for its quality collections, which have made major waves and only seem to be growing. Timex is a luxurious brand that brings quality and elegance to timepieces at a lower price than most brands. However, in their collaborations, these two brands have brought an interesting mix of modern and classic designs that can easily fit into any watch collection. Not to be left behind the two-tone trend, these two brands came together to fuse two concepts into one. 

Inspired by the Bond movies, the Q 1978 Two-Tone watch also draws inspiration from the ‘70s for a funky retake that even James Bond would wear. With a statement gold strip running through the band, this Timex x Todd Snyder watch is polished and versatile for any event or situation. Complete with a quartz movement and a stainless steel case and bracelet; this watch can easily be worn day and night. 

Citizen Corso

Citizen Corso Men's Watch
Citizen / Citizen

There’s no doubt that Citizen is known for being one of the few go-to brands that deliver quality and elegance for a lower budget. Without needing to stretch the price point, the Citizen Corso watch is the perfect two-toned timepiece to dive deep into this trend. With Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, this wristwatch doesn’t need a battery to power it up. Using all light sources, the Corso watch is the latest in watch technology and has a classic design. 

With the two-toned design, Citizen can give users a bit more flash and design than you would typically expect. Completing the wristwatch is a 40mm case and stainless steel bracelet that contains a modern gold slash that runs through. With a deep blue dial, this two-toned piece is a great first step for those wanting to try something out of their comfort zone. The Citizen Corso also gives minimalist dressers the option to dabble in the trend without having to wear a more vibrant hue. 

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