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The CBD Pillow Review: How it works and why you just might need one

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is known to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain, and is the second most potent of the active ingredients found in cannabis. Although it is a component of medical marijuana, it’s actually derived from a cousin plant — the hemp plant — and does not cause any type of ‘high’. What happens when you mix that with a pillow? Enter, the CBD Pillow. The CBD Pillow promises restful, deep sleep, and relaxation and I got to put it to the test. While the average sleeper usually builds up the effects of CBD in their system over time (approximately two weeks), I found it actually relaxed me quite remarkably within a short amount of time — and I’ve never tried CBD products in any form prior to this. Read on to get the full CBD Pillow review.


What we tested

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So how does it work? The CBD Pillow’s cover is infused through a newly patented technology called micro-encapsulation. Through this process, the CBD is woven into the pillow’s cover in the form of millions of tiny microcapsules. These are then crushed and the CBD is released into the skin and hair follicles as the sleeper moves their head and shoulders throughout the night. This way, it’s ensured you receive continuous micro-doses of the substance as you sleep through the night, as opposed to other forms of CBD that wear off after a few brief hours. In our experience, the dose released is sufficient to relax and draw the user into a deep sleep within a short amount of time — and keep them in this deeply relaxed state as long as they remain on the pillow.

First impressions

After opening the box and reading through the enclosed instructions I customized the fill of the pillow, which means unzipping the inner compartment and removing any amount of fill necessary for your comfort. I decided to leave it alone as I liked the full level and firmness. I took out the plastic bag containing the CBD-infused cover and placed the aired out, scent-free inner fill compartment into it, and now had a complete pillow with CBD-infused cover. You can use an additional pillowcase on top of this cover if you find the CBD is too potent, which I did decide to do after trying it out for a couple of hours.

How long we tested

I slept on the CBD-infused cover pillow for two weeks to test out the CBD effects and potency.

Pros and Cons


It offers a stellar level of relaxation: I hate to use words like ‘bliss’ in a product review, but it keeps coming to mind while describing the level of relaxation this pillow produces. I noticed that I felt sleepy about 15-20 minutes after laying my head down on it, so I put the pillow away for a little while and put an extra pillowcase on it to stifle the potency of the CBD a bit. After returning to my original “non-relaxed” state, I got the pillow back out again and resumed resting on it. I then allowed myself to drift into a fully relaxed state and fell asleep.

You’ll stay asleep all night: When I fell asleep on the CBD Pillow, I stayed asleep for almost the rest of the night. I usually wake up several times overnight, so this was quite an improvement. I haven’t found any other sleep aid that produces this type of sustained, deep sleep for me.

It’s extremely comfortable: The proprietary blend of shredded memory foam must be the clue to the pillow’s cushy comfort. It gives just the right amount of support to my head and neck.


You may have trouble waking up: I found that when my alarm went off, I was still in a deeply relaxed state, and it was difficult to fully awaken as long as I remained on the pillow. Although the company website says this doesn’t happen for most users, it took significant effort before I was finally able to fully awaken.  Still, I find it worthwhile to use the pillow and predict that it may take a bit more effort to awaken the next morning.

They only last 6 months: The CBD woven into the pillow cover is estimated to last about 6 months if you use it every night and wash it as suggested (no more often than every 2 weeks). This is disheartening, but the company has started offering replacement CBD pillow covers, which are supposed to be available only to those who purchased CBD Pillows from the company previously. At regular, non-sale prices, this breaks down into an approximate monthly investment in your sleep to be about $17/month.

The price may not be right: It may be on the expensive side for some and you’ll have to watch for sales, to make it more affordable.

Who’s it for?

The CBD Pillow is ideal for anyone who has trouble sleeping or wakes up with neck aches.  It’s full of a proprietary blend of supportive gel memory foam, and is perfect for side, stomach, and back sleepers alike.

What did others think?

While some felt the pillow was “just a comfortable pillow,” and they experienced very little effect from the CBD, others noted the pillow helped them with insomnia, chronic neck pain, waking up throughout the night with anxiety, and having more energy when they get up for the day.

Should you buy it?

If you have trouble relaxing, falling asleep, or staying asleep, I think you should most certainly try one of these original pillows. The company guarantees improved sleep within two weeks, or your money back. So I say — don’t hesitate! You can always return it if isn’t for you.


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