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How to get Austin Butler’s look: You need a Carhartt jacket (and these are the best to get)

The Carhartt Detroit Jacket (and more)

Austin Butler
Eva Rinaldi / flickr

Recently, Academy Award-nominated actor Austin Butler showcased his signature style, leaving Polo Bar draped in a vintage black Carhartt workwear jacket, adorned with a brown corduroy collar. The Carhartt jacket ensemble also featured a black baseball cap, loose black trousers, and old black shoes, and it exuded an aura we affectionately term “incognito Austin Butler.”

Man in denim Carhartt jacket

Austin Butler is a Carhartt jacket superfan

Butler is a superfan of the Carhartt brand, even telling GQ in 2022 that he found his favored Detroit Jacket at a vintage store in Brooklyn. He confessed to wearing it every day for a full year after, even in summer, telling the publication, “As they get worn in, they just feel better and better.” The Detroit Jacket proves its versatility, adapting to Butler’s aesthetic with a simple white tee and matching black pants or going with a more high-end look with a V-neck sweater and dress shoes. While his chosen style may be unavailable online, fear not — similar alternatives await, exuding equal style and coolness.

Austin Butler’s alternative to the Carhartt Detroit Jacket

Upon initial inspection, one might mistake the jacket Butler wore in New York City for just another Detroit Jacket, but true workwear enthusiasts will discern the subtle distinctions. The vintage Traditional Jacket worn by the actor boasts a more refined structure, with side pockets artfully angled and the conspicuous absence of the customary left-chest zip. Diverging from its Detroit counterpart, this piece is a testament to Carhartt’s dedication to authentic workwear.

Originating in the ’80s, an era when workwear embodied genuine functionality, the Traditional Jacket initially graced the scene exclusively in brown hues. This color persisted until approximately 1998, when Carhartt made a pivotal decision to expand the palette by introducing black variants, as seen on Butler.

Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket on model on stairs

The best Carhartt Jackets

If you want to jump on this sartorial bandwagon, explore our curated selection of Carhartt jackets, featuring standout choices that include unique renditions of the iconic Detroit Jacket and Traditional Jacket.

Carhartt Detroit Jacket on a model

Carhartt Relaxed Fit Duck Blanket-Lined Detroit Jacket

The iconic Carhartt Detroit Jacket, celebrated for its toughness, continues its legacy as a staple for hardworking individuals across America. Also, it’s the closest one in style you can get to Butler’s now-discontinued favorites. Crafted from 12-ounce, 100% ringspun cotton duck, this men’s jacket stands out for its rugged durability. The blanket-lined body provides exceptional warmth, complemented by smooth quilted nylon sleeves that offer both insulation and easy on-and-off wearability.

Designed with a pleated bi-swing back, the jacket provides extra stretch across the shoulders, allowing for unrestricted movement during various activities, whether you’re working on the farm or strolling the city streets a la Austin Butler. This Carhartt jacket includes practical storage solutions with a left chest pocket featuring a zipper closure, two lower front pockets, and two inside pockets, offering convenient options to keep essentials within reach.

Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket on model

Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket

The Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket certainly adds a certain level of European flair to the iconic original. Crafted for durability and style, the Detroit Jacket stands out as a testament to Carhartt’s commitment to quality. Constructed from robust Dearborn canvas, this jacket boasts a sturdy foundation that ensures longevity, while the use of 100% organic cotton highlights the brand’s dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This Carhartt Detroit Jacket features a poplin lining that enhances comfort, making it an ideal choice for various weather conditions. Its slightly cropped silhouette adds a modern touch to the classic design, allowing for versatile styling options.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Detroit Jacket incorporates tactile elements, such as a corduroy collar, a chest pocket, and a gold-tone zip closure. Completing the design is a woven square label, adding the Carhartt signature touch.

Relaxed fit Carhartt jacket on model

Carhartt Relaxed Fit Washed Duck Sherpa-Lined Utility Jacket

Brave the elements with this stalwart companion designed for the modern man facing cold, wind, and demanding workdays. Crafted from a heavyweight, 12-ounce, 100% ringspun washed cotton duck, this jacket embodies robustness without compromising on flexibility. To reinforce its sturdiness, Cordura is strategically integrated at wear points along the cuffs, ensuring resilience in the face of wear and tear.

The jacket’s warm interior is a haven against the chill, featuring a Sherpa-lined body that extends to the hood, complemented by quilted nylon sleeve lining for both warmth and easy on-and-off functionality. Filled with 100% polyester, this layer offers insulation without bulk, keeping you cozy without sacrificing mobility.

Carhartt Montana Loose Fit Insulated Jacket on model

Carhartt Montana Loose Fit Insulated Jacket

This Carhartt jacket is a formidable piece of outerwear engineered to provide extreme warmth in the coldest conditions on Earth. Constructed with a lightweight 4.5-ounce, 100% nylon outer layer, the jacket boasts both wind resistance and water repellency, making it the ideal choice for inclement weather. The synthetic down insulation, combined with a Sherpa fleece lining in the upper body and hood, creates a cocoon of warmth, sealing in heat and providing insulation against the cold.

Rain Defender durable water-repellent technology forces light rain and water to bead up and roll right off, keeping you dry in wet conditions, while the Wind Fighter technology ensures that even the coldest gusts won’t compromise your warmth. This Carhartt jacket features an adjustable hood with a hidden drawcord and cord lock, internal elastic storm cuffs, and a drawcord-adjustable drop tail hem. The design also includes practical storage options, such as snap-button chest pockets, a left-chest pocket with a hidden zip closure, zip hand pockets, and a large inner utility pocket, offering convenience on the go.

Rain Defender Relaxed Fit Lightweight Insulated Jacket on a model

Carhartt Rain Defender Relaxed Fit Lightweight Insulated Jacket

This Carhartt jacket is your go-to companion for staying toasty in style without the hassle of bulky layers. Engineered for midrange warmth in moderately cold conditions, this jacket is a game changer. Weighing a mere 1.75 ounces, its Cordura fabric shell, renowned for durability, is lighter than your average top. The quilted nylon lining ensures easy on and off, while the 100% polyester insulation guarantees optimal warmth.

The jacket is not just about warmth; it’s a shield against the elements. With a water-repellent coating, it effortlessly brushes off light rain and snow, keeping you dry and comfortable. Versatility is its middle name — wear it with inner or outer layers when the temperature takes a dip. And pockets? It’s got you covered. From a left-chest map pocket to snap-button lower-front pockets and inner pockets with both zip and hook-and-loop closures, this jacket knows the importance of ample storage.

Carhartt WIP Detroit jacket on model on stairs

A Carhartt jacket suitable for everyone

Selecting the perfect Carhartt jacket hinges on understanding your specific needs and preferences. For those seeking a robust and classic workwear option, the Detroit Jacket remains a timeless choice, with its durable construction and iconic design. If a more modern and streetwear-inspired silhouette appeals to you, exploring the Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket could be the key. This version offers a relaxed fit, ideal for layering over sweatshirts, and it’s a sleek, contemporary look.

For individuals anticipating extreme weather conditions or tougher work days, a Carhartt jacket engineered with warmth or water-repellent technology would be the way to go. Either way, Carhartt provides a range of choices to suit various lifestyles and preferences, from streetwear aficionados like Austin Butler, to the average working man.

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