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TGIF Shopping: Carhartt Work In Progress

Carhartt’s Work In Progress is having a moment as of late. When we say Carhartt you might be thinking of the mother brand associated with work staples, outerwear and 1990s skater culture, or the Carhartt who has outfitted American workers for more than 100 years. Work in Progress is basically like their cool adult cousin. In the last few years WIP has caught on with the more stylish among us with its clean-cut basics and better fits. Their jackets and other pieces make use of bolder colors and patterns more than ever before. Breaking from a work staple their jackets and other pieces have started to adorn heads and shoulders of the urban creative class in places like Williamsburg and Silver Lake.

The latest spring and summer collection includes some restyled basics including the introduction of their “Light Lux”, which is basically their version of your light weight summer hoodie, bomber jacket or vest. And they are made of 100 percent light-lux padded Jersey so they are super soft. The Spring/Summer 2015 Collection introduces new styles and fabrics, reworking the Detroit Jacket in suede, which you can see in the slide show above. Patterns and prints play a big part in the whole Carhartt WIP collection. They use some Camo Isle (not our favorite)- however – we do love their tropic prints in on their hoodie and shorts. Their subtle patterns on both tops and shorts are some top picks of ours for summer living. The Pender Liner seen above is a great example of both the subtle pattern and lightweight fitted materials that WIP offers. With more than 40 retail locations around the world you can visit a store or shop at their online store here.

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