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TGIF Shopping: JackThreads and Publish debut the Transcend Collection

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Last week, popular men’s style destination JackThreads and slick menswear fashion house Publish debuted Transcend, a collaborative 10-piece limited edition fashion collection.

Though Transcend marks their first joint effort, the minds behind JackThreads and Publish have been creatively linked for years, reaching back as far as 2012 when JackThreads first featured Publish on their website.

“We met when both of our companies were very young,” states Al Raddock, a Senior Apparel Buyer for JackThreads.

“There’s a common thread between our companies—we’ve grown and evolved in similar ways and have always respected one another a great deal. This has made creative collaboration particularly rewarding because we’re friends and have the same goal in mind: to provide our customers with the next big thing in menswear.”

For its part, the Transcend collection showcases how each brand approaches this goal, by combining Publish’s forward-thinking fashion with JackThreads’ commitment to curating a style portfolio that offers inherent value and confidence to their customers.

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Raddock continues, “Publish does something very specific for us. Their vision is progressive while still being approachable. Their clothing adds something to our customer’s closet that he just can’t get anywhere else.”

The clothing itself seems suspended in a sort of edgy timelessness—the design is inherently simple, yet the clothes feel innovative and fresh. Each article subverts tradition in a way that’s quiet, yet impactful, with the effect of creating a line that feels very “now” without being overly trendy.

The collection spotlights the Faust pant (imagine a pant with a loose crotch that tapers to just above the ankle – $82), custom nylon anoraks ($169), denim button-ups ($84) and a series of scalloped, extended hem tees ($42-58). The items come in muted browns, whites, blues and blacks.

Check out the entire collection, here.

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