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Watches in this Jack Daniel’s collection feature the brand’s wooden barrels

Want a whiskey barrel watch face?

Original Grain Jack Daniel's watch collection in case
Original Grain

The best things in life tend to combine multiple passions, so if your favorite Tennessee whiskey is Jack Daniel’s and you love stylish wristwear, then your time may have come. The legendary bourbon distillery has partnered with watchmaker Original Grain to produce a series of timepieces celebrating its heritage and brand. The collection in question has been aptly named The Original Grain x Jack Daniel’s watch collection.

All of the watches come with a very unique twist. Wood from the barrels Jack Daniel’s uses to mature its famous spirit is used in their manufacture. Alongside the bourbon-stained American oak, you may also see some charcoal and limestone. The charcoal is a reference to the filtering process Jack Daniel’s goes through during its mellowing phase, and the limestone is a nod toward the Cave Spring Hollow. That’s where the water used to make the whiskey is sourced.

Original Grain, which was founded in 2013, is hoping to celebrate the history and heritage of both Lynchburg, Tennessee, and the city’s most famous export. This isn’t the watchmaker’s only collaboration, with timepieces paying homage to Bob Marley and Indian Motorcycles also among its limited edition products. As its name may suggest, wood is also a common material used in Original Grain’s watches. In addition to the bourbon barrels, you can find watches made with beer barrels, other whiskey barrels, exotic hardwoods, and even bits of guitar. Still, for a true Jack Daniel’s fan, there’s only one obvious choice when it comes to expanding your collection of branded merchandise. As well as keeping time, the watches give you a direct link with the legendary distillery. You may have even had a sip of something that spent a few years in contact with your new choice of wristwear.

Five designs are available in total

Original Grain Jack Daniel's watch collection
Original Grain

The watchmaker has produced five unique designs in total. These range in price from $299 to $619 (sans tax) and measure between 43mm and 46mm — so the watches are all on the larger side. The “Nomad,” which features a black and wood design with an “Old No7 Coin” present in the dial, is the cheapest at $299. The wood-inspired “barrel” is the second cheapest, at $309. The all-black “Barrel Chrono” comes in at $379, as does the wood and charcoal-colored 44mm “Chrono.”

Finally, the most exclusive piece on offer is the “Mechanical Chrono” — a 44mm charcoal, wood, and limestone combo with a mechanical movement ticking away under its case. The movement in question is a Japanese Automatic Miyota 8215 — which is usually found in a number of Citizen’s models.

As things stand, the Jack Daniel’s collection can only be purchased from the Original Grain website. So head along there if you’d like to take an in-depth look at the watches on offer or add one to your collection. The watches also come with a “certificate of authenticity” so you know that it, and the parts it contains, are all genuine. The watches are set to ship out on June 7, and supplies are limited.

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