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Fall in Love with Tentree’s New Fall Collection, Then Plant a Tree

Our growing love for sustainable fashion at The Manual has led us to some very cool brands. But no matter who else we might discover, we always come back to Tentree. This Vancouver-based clothing B-Corp has been leading the charge in environmentally and socially conscious apparel since 2012. As you probably know already, Tentree kicks a portion of profit from every item they sell back to environmental initiatives, particularly reforestation. (The name “Tentree” refers to how many saplings are planted with each item purchased from the company.) The company even provides a literal token of their environmental advocacy — open the package with your new tee or hoodie, and you’ll find a little metal disc printed with a code that indicates where your purchase has planted trees and what kind of impact they’re making.

This fall, however, Tentree is leveling up in a major way. We got a sneak peek at the just-debuted cold-weather collection, which features (among other things) more sophisticated technical apparel than ever before. The brand also released a cool new app that helps conscientious consumers like you and us ensure that their shopping stays true to their values.

The name “Tentree” refers to how many saplings are planted with each item purchased from the company.

First, the clothes.

Tentree’s new selection includes several different mini-lines that showcase the brand’s well-known strengths, as well as some impressive new flex. The Forest line includes super-soft tees, henleys, and hoodies with Tentree’s signature graphics, made from hemp, Tencel, Lyocell, and organic cotton. The collection progresses with flannel button-downs and zip fleeces that match their cozy factor with breathability and come in colorways that blend beautifully into a background of nature.

But our fall favorite has to be the new Destination line. Constructed from recycled polyester, treated with fluorocarbon-free water repellant, and featuring technical details like hidden zippered side seam pockets and movement-friendly contouring, this line vaults Tentree into the big leagues of activewear.

We also love the new Mobius line of packs, which feature a stunning aurora borealis graphic blazed across ultra-durable recycled performance material. Choose from a backpack, duffel, tote bag or the so-popular-it’s-already-waitlisted travel cubes.

If all that weren’t enough, there’s also the new Eco-Log. Produced in partnership with Greenstep, a consulting group that specializes in sustainability and carbon management, this tool was originally intended to help Tentree determine if there are ways they could cut down or change their manufacturing processes to lessen their impact. But by offering it to shoppers as well, Tentree invites their audience into the effort, giving them a chance to compare each Tentree garment’s environmental impact with similar, conventionally produced apparel. Materials, weight, packaging, transportation and even storage are all assessed for how much water they use, what level of carbon emissions they generate, and how much waste gets created in the process. The Eco-Log can be found on all fall product pages, putting the power in your hands to create meaningful change in the world.

For outdoor lovers with a sense of style, Tentree’s fall collection makes it a lot easier to protect the places where you play.

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