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Snag Stylish Sneakers and Streetwear with the Swipe of Your Finger

Stadium Goods — the New York City-based online marketplace for steezy, sought after sneakers and streetwear — has just launched a new mobile app.

To put it simply, the app will allow sneaker heads and fashion-forward stylers to have easier access to some of the hottest, limited edition items on the market. With push notifications, geographical targeting, and early access to specific gear, the Stadium Goods app will only enhance the experience of customers.

If you haven’t heard of Stadium Goods, don’t sweat it. With all the online outlets selling product these days, it’s easy for some specific brands to go under the radar — and Stadium Goods supplies men with trendy, exclusive releases, it sort of makes sense why your friend won’t share his secrets. But, with Stadium Goods officially expanding to Europe this year, it seems as if the cat’s out of the bag.

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Stadium Goods offers exclusive and rare releases from Nike, Adidas, Jordan, and more. Check out this stylish motorcycle helmet from Supreme. Or, if you missed out on the Henry Poole X Adidas collaboration, they have those in stock too. That’s what it’s all about: Giving people an extra chance to get the footwear and apparel they desire, just a bit above market prices.

Now, it is a resale market, so anyone can go on and sell a product that they know has value because of limited supply. But the beauty of Stadium Goods is that you know what you’re getting from your purchase and you don’t have to deal with scammers.  Trust, verification, and guarantee is the M.O. for Stadium Goods, so you can be assured that any product you’re purchasing is met with 100 percent authenticity through expertise and multiple product reviews from skilled veterans who know their product, inside and out.

So, a fresh fit is only a swipe away. The Stadium Goods app can be downloaded now on Apple and Android devices.

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