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Up for Anything: Introducing New Gear from Brunswick Park

Brunswick Park
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Smart, stylish and commuter-friendly gear just got easier to find, thanks to Brunswick Park.  And even with only two products in their arsenal to date, it’s clear that they’re hitting the difficult-to-reach niche of comfort, style and performance.

Brunswick Park
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Less “athleisure” and more geared toward those who are always on the go yet value a great fit, Brunswick Park makes simple upgrades to everyday menswear essentials. Whether you need gear to easily pack into your stylish leather weekender or a jacket to wear during your commute — and at the office — the brand has you set. The Brunswick Park Blazer is made from the brand’s custom Merino wool — the wool is bonded to polyester spacers to help the jacket hold its reliably tailored shape.

Brunswick Park
Image used with permission by copyright holder

And small,  oft-overlooked design touches add to the blazer’s utility — take the pocket at the wrist, just big enough to hold credit cards or cash. Available in three colors, including a slate grey and a more eye-catching burgundy, this blazer is the perfect grab-and-go piece to pair with your favorite chambray shirt and classic dark denim, or chinos and a rugged henley for a bit of high-low style. Its utility is only enhanced by the fact that it’s machine-washable — a true rarity among blazers.

For off-duty style, Brunswick Park takes that same approach — performance-based fabrics in reliable colors and great fits. That’s certainly the case with the Brunswick Park Hoodie, made with the same Merino wool blend for comfort, breathability and machine-washable functionality.

It’s off-duty style that doesn’t sacrifice looks — it’s definitely not your old college hoodie, to say the least. Heck, you could feasibly layer the hoodie under the blazer for a bit of casual comfort that still works as you dress for Sunday brunch or spend a relaxing day around town.

Layer it up with a thermal long-sleeve shirt and your favorite pair of black denim for unexpected, yet crisp, casual style. And team it with slim chinos and a classic Oxford for similarly versatile style, no matter where you go. That’s the beauty of Brunswick Park — and that’s why you should consider buying gear from the brand ASAP.

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