Keep Your Feet Happy with Muji’s Right Angle Socks

The angle your socks are manufactured with is probably something you’ve never thought about before, but it makes a world of difference in overall comfort. Most socks are made with a 120 degree angle, but our feet extend out at a 90 degree angle from our legs — so Muji decided to subtract that extra 30 degrees and see what happened.


It took the company a few years to reimagine the whole manufacturing process and remove that excess material, but in the end, they created a pair of socks so comfortable that they’re the only kind that Muji makes now. Patterns range from argyle and check, to solids and stripes; and materials range from a standard cotton/poly blend to a wool mix. In other words, the materials and patterns are ones you’re probably familiar with, but the construction is totally different. Check ’em out here

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