Mott & Bow’s New Cashmere Sweaters Are Awesomely Affordable

Mott & Bow, the makers of some of the best jeans on the market, are now entering an entirely new category: cashmere sweaters

It starts with the super high-quality pill-resistant, Mongolian cashmere and it ends — well, not entirely — with a stellar price of just $149. In short, these cashmere sweaters are exceptional, nearly unprecedented, and here just in time for fall layering.

mott and bow cashmere sweaters man in front of brooklyn bridge

We’re a brand known for our premium quality basics – starting with denim, then shirts and tees. Cashmere was the natural next step for us as it really defines our passion to offer everyday luxury in clothing, but for a fair price,” said the brand’s founder, Alejandro Chanin.

The great thing about a minimal, cleanly designed cashmere sweater  (especially this one from Mott & Bow) starts with the styling potential. The right type of cashmere sweater is able to be worn as a substitute in place of a dress shirt under your best fall flannel suit, or as a stand-in for, well, a less high-quality sweater.

And Mott & Bow’s cashmere sweaters also act as an easy-to-wear piece alongside the brand’s well-tailored, well-made jeans. Could there be a more perfect pairing? We love the full range of easy-to-style colors for these sweaters, too, from a crisp navy to a classic grey. This is understated, premium quality that’s not too ostentatious. It’s similar to the brand’s array of denim styles in that way.

mott and bow cashmere sweaters stacked

And in a street style world where anything goes, that’s certainly something we can appreciate. We think you’ll feel the same way, and if you’ve tried the brand’s easy-to-layer T-shirts launched earlier this summer, then you know that the brand’s ongoing product evolution is a welcome way to disrupt the apparel industry.

We were thrilled that we were able to achieve this fair price, like our denim, while maintaining top quality and great design,” Chanin said.

So, the wait is over when it comes to tracking down your new favorite fall sweater, and the even better news is you’re getting (at least) one that’s made with affordable pricing, quality materials and standout style in mind.

For other cashmere sweater options, check out one of our other favorites here. And if you’d like to learn more about Mongolian cashmere in general, listen to the recent Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Mongolian Cashmere Episode.

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