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Repurpose Your Baseball Glove Into a Wallet With the Pastime Custom Program

There is something special about repurposed fabrics. Not only does it provide a one-of-a-kind appearance and design, but it also emanates a vintage, nostalgic feeling that can’t be replicated. Korchmar and Fielder’s Choice Goods have combined their talents to create an unmatched experience just like that for men who need to revamp their money totes: the Pastime Custom Program.

The Pastime Custom Program pays homage to America’s greatest pastime, baseball, by taking your vintage leather baseball glove and repurposing it into a unique and luxurious leather card case, billfold, or money clip so you can keep those memories and nostalgic smell with you, always. 

Korchmar and FC Goods make for an obviously partnership, as both brands are well-known for handcrafted and high-quality leather accessories. The skilled Cincinnati-based leather workers from Korchmar have been making goods since 1917, such as leather travel bags and apparel, and now they’ve added their attention FC Goods’ now six-years-and-running repurposed glove program. 

FC Goods found a niche market where it’s able to push its mission to preserve American culture. As young ballplayers become adults and start careers, they used to have two options: you either pass along your glove to a younger player or you keep it for the memories. FC Goods now gives you a third option by collecting old gloves and using that leather to craft functional accessories you can use every day.

The process takes about three weeks from when you send in your glove to when it’s shipped out. First, you choose a wallet style. Then, FC Goods will send you an expenss-paid shipping box and you to ship your old glove to them. Next, after your glove is broken down into workable cuts, they craft your wallet style, then it’s sent out for delivery.

fielders choice goods
Fielder's Choice Goods

Each item in the Pastime Custom Program is built in Korchmar’s family-owned factories in order to keep quality up to par, so not only can you assure getting a high-quality leather product from well-respected craftsmen, your repurposed leather wallet will be unique to the cut used in the production process. You can also opt to add a monogram for an even more personalized touch.

The Pastime Custom Program costs $245, but you can’t put a price on something this special. Having that memorable scent and soft yet stouthearted fabric by your side every day is a feeling that will send you back to your childhood days on the diamond, similar to the smell of fresh-cut grass or the salty taste of sunflower seeds. 

FC Goods also features a general line — the Classics  — for those of you who may not be ready to let go of your mitt. These models are a little more affordable, too, ranging from $75-$125.

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