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Korchmar Men’s Weekender Bag is a Travel Must-Have

korchmar men's weekender bag
Image used with permission by copyright holder
Whether you’re heading in for a business meeting or planning a concert trip out of town, it can be difficult to decide what kind of bag is best suited for the occasion.

Large suitcases may be too big and unnecessary for a brief travel sesh, while ordinary backpacks are unstylish and juvenile. That’s where Korchmar’s new men’s weekender bag can make all the difference.

The Men’s weekender bag is a gentlemen’s way to hold clothing, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items needed for short travels. Korchmar takes this rectangular style bag built for flair, capacity, and convenience to the next level with it’s new duffle bags.

Korchmar offers two styles on their weekenders: Twain and Jefferson. Both bags are elegant and simple, yet serve different purposes. We reached out to Korchmar CEO, Michael Korchmar, for an in-depth look on the bags and the Korchmar factory.

The Twain 

Image used with permission by copyright holder

“The Twain is a fashionable and functional piece of luggage,” said Korchmar. “It’s larger size and expandable gusset allow it to hold enough to pack for a 4-5 day trip (or longer if you’re a light packer), without sacrificing style.” This particular style comes in six variations, with different colored leathers and a waxed canvas version.

The Jefferson

Image used with permission by copyright holder

“The Jefferson was designed more as a day bag,” said Korchmar. “So it is lighter weight and more compact. It’s perfect for a day trip or trips to the gym.” Like the description implies, the Jefferson is smaller in size and comes in four different colors, such as mahogany and walnut.

From travel and laptop briefcases, to large luggage and backpacks, Korchmar pretty much checks off every box for a comprehensive collection of bags. What were your first three steps when taking on the design of a brand new product like the weekenders Korchmar just released?

MK:  I travel over 100,000 miles per year and at least three times per month, so I am constantly evaluating how to improve the experience of carrying the things I need most when I’m on the go. I also pay close attention to how other travelers and business people interact with their bags. So, step one is to identify a need in the market. Step two is to develop new designs and concepts that would effectively address these needs. After testing and retesting new designs, the next step is to work with our team to bring new products to life.

Korchmar is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that favors craftsmanship, quality, and excellent customer service. Do you have any fond memories from when you first inherited these qualities?

MK: I began working in the factory with my father, Don Korchmar, at the age of 12. He was a brilliant engineer and craftsman with multiple patents to his credit, and he had an unwavering passion for quality product through process engineering. I remember my father being very meticulous about product development and product inspections. I would watch him interact with the production team, offering careful guidance and instruction to ensure that only top-quality bags and accessories came through our production lines.

Korchmar takes pride in immaculate craft and attention to detail. What does it feel like when you’re working inside one of Korchmar’s factories? (Does it have a particular sound, smell, energy to it?)

MK: There is a definite “vibe” in the factory. The first floor is full of the sounds of presses cutting leather and fabrics; you hear a constant “boom and bang” of presses pushing dies through material. The second floor hums with the sound of sewing machines and hammering as product is assembled and stitched. The energy is palpable. And the smell…well, the whole place is full of the wonderful, rich and romantic aroma of leather. To me, it’s a heavenly smell.

Korchmar’s designs are simple, yet snazzy, while also boasting some of the finest leathers. What are some key attributes we should all know when looking to purchase a weekender? And how are Korchmar’s bags different from some of the other top companies in the market?

MK: Some of the key attributes to consider when purchasing a new weekender are leather quality, stitch quality, and build quality. All of our weekenders are constructed using 1.4mm -2.6mm full grain American cowhide leather. Not only is it beautiful, it is strong and rich, and it develops a distinct patina with time. We also use the finest nylon and polyester threads to stitch our weekenders using the saddle lockstitch method. And we don’t skimp on material quality or assembly methods. Korchmar products are built to last; we’ve been handcrafting fine leather goods and accessories for nearly 100 years, so it’s safe to say we know how to do it right.

The company will be celebrating it’s 100-year in business in 2017. Are there any new designs or products we should be looking forward to?

MK:  We are hard at work on our Centennial Collection, which will be introduced next year at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas.  We’re really excited about it – there will be several new designs that draw inspiration from some of Korchmar’s classic styles.

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