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A Detailed Look at Indochino’s Made-to-Measure Suiting Experience

Indochino Portland Showroom Mannequins

After Vancouver-based Indochino first opened its doors in 2007, there was a lot of gossip and fast-fashion critiques about its quick expansion and model. A custom suit for under $500 that’s delivered in three to four weeks? It almost seems too good to be true.

Well, since its inception, Indochino has focused on quality fabrics and exceptional service to become a global leader in made-to-measure suiting and apparel.

First off, Indochino offers an expansive collection of textiles that are tough to stray from. When you first step foot into an Indochino showroom, it’s reminiscent of an art gallery, featuring everything from your standard gray and black wools to more stylized patterns like checkers and plaid, depending on the season. These fabrics are high quality, too, as Indochino employs the same factories as such retailers as J. Crew and Nordstrom.

For a quality suit that is made to measure and offered at a price you’d normally find on an item off the rack, Indochino’s experience is hard to beat. There’s nothing like putting on a dapper ensemble that not only looks great, but most importantly, fits flawlessly.

You can order Indochino suits through the brand’s website with all of the customizations and detailings. However, we recommend you head into one of the Indochino showrooms for a comprehensive walkthrough of all the options and an assurance that you will receive the fit you deserve. It’s also a lot more fun.

We were invited to check out the experience at Indochino’s showroom in Portland, Oregon. Here’s our honest review.

Indochino Portland Showroom Space

At first glance, I was a bit overwhelmed by the different fabrics and linings displayed in the showroom, but our suiting expert, Benjamin Emmarson, quickly relieved any anxieties by walking us through the process (this is the main reason we recommend going into an Indochino location). I decided on a traditional, single-breasted, two-piece suit and an overcoat. To start, Emmarson had me choose a fabric. I went with a versatile color that happened to be one of Indochino’s best-sellers: the Hayle Sharkskin, a medium-weight wool option, in Charcoal. This particular style starts at Indochino’s average price for a two-piece suit, $399, but that can vary depending on the time of year, ongoing promotions, and add-ons (for example, a matching vest costs $89).

Once you pick a fabric, it’s time for the fun stuff. Indochino lets you customize everything, including the canvas type, lapel style and size, chest pockets, button types, button colors, pockets, vents, lining, monogram — the whole nine yards. The personalization really speaks volumes to the brand’s keen attention to detail.

Indochino Portland Showroom Fabrics

I went with a half-canvas construction, which is pretty standard for suits because it provides a perfect balance between weight and shoulder shape (a soft-shoulder type provides casual comfort). For this combination and my broad shoulders, Emmarson recommended a notch wide lapel. Afterward, we dove into the personal touches. I went with the standard welted pocket, two-button design with dark tan buttons, but you can also choose the pitch stitching, pen pocket, sleeve buttonholes, boutonniere, and throat tab.

Now, onto the pants. You don’t have as many options for your pants. You do, however, get the freedom to choose your pleat style, whether you prefer a standard or cuffed hem, and other details like suspender buttons, belt loops, or adjustable side tabs (if you’re fancying a three-piece suit, always go for the side tabs because they look better with your vest). My final pick was a tapered pair of pants with no pleat, a cuffed hem at the ankle, and side tabs, just because.

Indochino Portland Showroom Customization

Lastly, the overcoat. Indochino offers three outerwear styles — overcoat, mac coat, and trench coat — that vary in color and length but are specifically designed to fit seamlessly over your suit. This was one of my favorite aspects of the entire suiting experience because it’s certainly not easy to find an overcoat that fits comfortably over a full suit jacket. I opted for the Heywood Khaki Trench Coat for its ability to provide warmth and shield my new suit from the rain, as well as complete a fancied Sherlock Holmes appearance. The customization for the overcoat is similar but simplified; choose your preferred color, interior lining, button set, and monogram.

After the experience concludes, it’s time for the waiting game. It takes about two weeks for your suit order to arrive. Once it does, Indochino allows you to try it on at home to see if you like the fit. If you need adjustments, again, we recommend you take your new suit into a showroom and let the professionals take control and make alterations accordingly.

Indochino Portland Showroom Accessories

The outfit I received was almost perfect when it arrived, however, the leg hems weren’t as tapered as we were hoping and the trench coat duster was a bit roomy in the arms. Indochino was able to send the items back, get them adjusted, and returned to the showroom within a week and a half — for free. We highly suggest utilizing the second fitting because it’s where the effectiveness of the made-to-measure experience can be felt. All in all, the suiting experience I received would run you $769, which includes the overcoat.

Considering the price tag, quality, and longevity, Indochino’s suiting experience is enticing. It isn’t going to be the most durable, luxurious suit you can find. Nevertheless, it delivers a fantastic, quality product that gives you the freedom to showcase your personal style, making it well worth your time and money.

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