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How to style the must-have piece of the winter season: The gilet vest

You need to know how to style a gilet vest, trust us

man wearing puffy vest
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The winter season can be tricky to navigate with your wardrobe. With all the various layers needed to stay warm, it’s easy to set aside style to keep yourself cozy. However, this season’s trendsetting gilet vest is the perfect item to round out your winter wardrobe without leaving you in the cold. Also known as just a vest, the gilet vest has become a staple in winter closets because it’s sleek, stylish, and elegant. With the proper styling techniques, your gilet vest can be the perfect touch to take your winter looks from cold to hot. 

Start with the right gilet

No matter what you call it, gilet or vest, this item is more than another useless layering piece. Depending on what vest you reach for, this item can help insulate the heat and keep your torso warm and cozy during the entire season. If dressing up in coats and gloves isn’t up your alley, the gilet vest is the perfect alternative that adds a casual touch to an otherwise flat look. 

Some gilets will be puffy, while others come in a sporty fleece. Choosing the right one for your lifestyle and wardrobe is crucial to pulling off this look. Depending on which vest you reach for, you might have the space for extra layers on top or underneath, making it another piece of your winter look. If you’re looking to use it for layering, choose a gilet that can give you the space to wear underneath your favorite winter coat or jacket for a put-together look. 

man wearing puffy vest under jacket
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Opt for the sporty puffy gilet

If you’re looking for extra warmth, opt for a puffy gilet vest from brands like North Face or Canada Goose that can offer some added protection against the bitter wind. On the other hand, a sporty fleece gilet vest from brands like Patagonia and Moncler can give you a touch of elegance for your casual day-to-day. These two gilet options allow you to rock your piece without sacrificing warmth. Use statement colors like neon greens or reds to draw attention to your piece and stay true to that winter adventurous style. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the trails or taking a stroll around the city because this sporty gilet is ideal for both. To complete the look of a sporty puffy gilet, you’ll want to add a casual blazer or jacket on top, complete with a neutral long sleeve underneath. These three pieces will give you the perfect laidback yet dressed-up attire that can last you all winter. 

North Face Apex Bionic 3 Vest
North Face / North Face

Reach for statement texture vests

Besides the voluminous puffy vest, there’s another way to bring more attention to your outfit via your gilet. Using textured materials like shearling or leather is another ideal way to create more visual interest in your look while staying warm. Options from brands like J.Crew will elevate your look without being too distracting. Using materials like wool or suede can give a stark contrast against your look that looks like you’re strolling around the countryside. With a touch of rural elegance, you can make your winter looks seem much more dressed up and polished without having to do much. 

Contrast your textured gilet with softer pieces to help make it pop even more. Stick with sleek cotton materials that’ll help your textured vest stand out. Play with color and create fun color combinations with vibrant colors or neutrals. For those heading into the office, a textured gilet will still give you the professionalism you seek without having to wear a suit to the office. 

Moncler Tibb Down Vest
Moncler / Moncler

Simplify the look with a neutral vest

Any gilet, no matter its texture or material, is worthy of being part of your winter wardrobe. For minimalists who love a more lowkey and sophisticated style, a neutral gilet in any material is more than enough to create a polished look. Stick with earthy colors like brown or tan for a layering piece that’ll pop well against any other color. 

While not everyone loves sticking to one color palette, a neutral gilet ensures you can reuse this piece in various outfits. If you’re splurging on a gilet vest for winter, opting for a neutral color will be well worth your investment, as it can work well with most of your outfits. 

man wearing puffer vest with jacket
Mary Taylor/Pexels / Pexels

The gilet: A timeless piece

While the gilet might seem like an over-the-top, sophisticated layering piece, it’s an item that’ll serve well during your casual and dressed-up days. Unlike other trendy pieces, the gilet is a timeless article of clothing that can last you for many more seasons. Being able to use the gilet with various styles, whether you’re a fan of sophisticated or sporty, this piece is the ultimate winter wardrobe savior. 

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