Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Ford Truck with New Flag & Anthem Collection

A Ford truck brings up memories of Americana. It all started in 1917 with the Model TT and the tradition continues today with the F-150 Raptor. The first vehicle was created a century ago by the Ford Motor Company, and this fall the truck celebrates its 100th anniversary — with a new twist. The automaker teamed up with premium menswear brand Flag & Anthem for a new Ford fashion collection.

The partners are a natural fit; both brands embody classic Americana. Ford was an innovator that forever changed the auto industry with its now-iconic and best-selling Ford trucks, while Flag & Anthem carries American pride in its DNA with its vintage-inspired creations. The companies even got Nigel Barker, photographer and America’s Next Top Model regular, to host a behind-the-scenes video for the collaboration.

Flag & Anthem designers went through vintage Ford archives, searching for inspiration for the limited-edition line, which features all of the clothing items that capture the ideals of the American man’s wardrobe: vintage-style tees, button-down shirts, distressed baseball caps, and timeless jackets. The colors of the U.S. flag — red, white, and blue — run rampant through the comfortable, easy-to-wear capsule collection.

Standout pieces include the graphic T-shirts that depict hand-painted artwork and the bomber and wax cotton jackets with custom patches that carry the Ford name. Imagine driving in your very own Ford truck while wearing the Flag & Anthem and Ford collection. Now that’s our idea of The American Dream.

Have you dreamed of owning a Ford truck? Simply head to the Flag & Anthem website to enter for a chance to win a 2017 Ford F-150.

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