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Discrete Clothing: The Apres Ski Life

For many of us, the end of winter is in sight. For the growing crowd of diehard skiers and boarders, however, the never-ending winter party is just getting started. With every big dump of snow that hits resorts, more party goers are slowly learning the best kept secret of ski-bum society: When the lifts stop for the night, the real bars open (and the truly great ones never really close). We tagged along with some of the team from Discrete Clothing at the Outdoor Retailer Show and Sundance this year, and can testify that the PBR drinking, sunglasses-at-night crowd is stronger than ever. The best part? After they’ve closed every bar in town they’ll step right back on their skis to crush powder better than anyone you’ve ever met.

Discrete got their start back in 2003 when professional skier and founder Julian Carr was sitting in a computer science class at the University of Utah. Intrigued by the concept of discrete variables that couldn’t entirely be explained through mathematical continuity, Carr decided that the idea of the unexplainable leant itself nicely to his growing business. Lucky for us, he stayed in the ski industry and didn’t choose to be a computer programmer.

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Each piece that Discrete designs is built for casual mountain town wear. That’s not to say that you couldn’t rock some of their more technical jackets on the slopes, but they’re more at home cruising to the Mangy Moose in Teton Village than working a technical climb in Colorado’s San Juan Range. For those of us who are tired of looking like we just walked out of an extreme skiing video from the early 1990’s, this combination of comfort and style is the perfect prescription for a few drinks in between lift lines.

Our go-to favorite this season has been the Linux Jacket. Featuring a soft taffeta lining, Heavy denim face fabric, and a waterproof-breathable coating, this jacket is the perfect piece in which to stash a few beers for the snowy walk from your hotel to the bar. Just don’t be surprised when that snow bunny you’ve been buying drinks for sneaks away with it.

For a little more casual comfort, look no further than the Bernie Stripes hoody. Unlike the too-tall and overly baggy hoodies of many brands, the Bernie simply fits perfectly. Maybe you’re staying in for the night with a good hot toddy and your favorite four-legged ski buddy, or just want to have an extra stash pocket for a beer during a 3am pool game. Paired with one of Discrete’s popular beanies, you’ll be looking like a local in no time (PBR and undying love of powder days not included).

Regardless of your after-hours plans, if you’ll be spending the last few weekends of winter in the mountains – or are lucky enough to score a spring break in Jackson or Aspen – Discrete Clothing is the brand that will help fuel your apre ski parties well into the next morning. Just don’t blame us when the first lift chair of the next morning sneaks up on you.

Photos Courtesy of Discrete/Adam Clark

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