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The Bremont x Bamford Aurora collaboration is neon and bold

Bremont x Bamford Aurora limited edition GMT debuts

Bremont x Bamford Supermarine GMT on wrist

The recent collaboration between Bremont and Bamford, two renowned names in watches for men, has given birth to a timepiece that is nothing short of striking—the Bremont x Bamford Aurora Supermarine GMT. This fusion of British craftsmanship and contemporary flair presents a timepiece that boldly stands out in any collection. In the world of horology, collaborations often breathe new life into familiar timepieces, infusing them with fresh perspectives and innovative designs.

Bremont x Bamford Supermarine GMT

The Bremont x Bamford Aurora Supermarine

At the heart of the Bremont x Bamford Aurora Supermarine GMT lies a captivating design that immediately commands attention. Crafted with black DLC-treated stainless steel, the Aurora exudes an aura of robustness and durability. Its 43mm-wide case, standing at 16.5mm tall, makes a substantial statement on the wrist, exuding an air of confidence and presence.

The dial of the Aurora is where its personality truly shines. The California sandwich dial design, a hallmark of the collaboration, boasts a unique blend of vintage charm and modern functionality. The Super-LumiNova-coated hands and markers ensure legibility even in the darkest of environments while adding a pop of neon brilliance to the overall aesthetic. It’s a watch that refuses to fade into the background, demanding attention with its bold presence.

Technical specifications

Underneath its bold exterior, the Bremont x Bamford Aurora Supermarine GMT houses a Bremont Modified Calibre 11 BE-93-2AV movement. This automatic winding movement powers a range of complications, including hours, minutes, seconds, and GMT functionality. It’s a testament to the technical prowess of both Bremont watches and Bamford, combining precision engineering with innovative design.

While some may lament the absence of an in-house movement, the performance and reliability of the Calibre 11 BE-93-2AV cannot be overlooked. It ensures accurate timekeeping and smooth operation, reflecting the commitment to quality that both brands are renowned for.

Who should wear the Bremont x Bamford Aurora?

As with any timepiece, personal preferences play a significant role in determining its suitability. The Bremont x Bamford Aurora is undeniably bold, with a size and presence that may not be suited to every wrist. As one reviewer aptly noted, “This is a huge watch and would look ridiculous on a wrist of my size.” However, for those with larger wrists and a penchant for standout timepieces, the Aurora is a perfect fit.

If you’re drawn to bright lume watches and appreciate the intricacies of a California dial, the Aurora is sure to captivate your attention. Its bold design and technical excellence make it an ideal companion for those who value form and function in their timepieces.

The verdict

In the realm of luxury watches, collaborations often serve as a platform for innovation and creativity. The Bremont x Bamford Aurora watch is a shining example of this ethos, combining the heritage of Bremont watches with the contemporary flair of Bamford to create a timepiece that is both distinctive and memorable. While some may yearn for an in-house movement, Aurora’s technical prowess and bold design more than compensate for any perceived shortcomings. It’s a watch that demands to be noticed, with a neon brilliance that sets it apart from the crowd.

Bremont x Bamford Supermarine GMT

Bremont x Bamford Aurora: Where to buy it and what will it cost you?

The exclusive Bremont x Bamford Aurora Supermarine GMT Limited Edition watch boasts a restricted production run of just 500 pieces, each commanding a price tag of $5,450 USD. While slightly surpassing the cost of its predecessor collaboration, this iteration introduces enhanced features, making it a worthy investment. With a price point approximately $500 higher than the standard Supermarine GMT, the added value in superior finishing, intricate techniques, and its limited availability justifies its price without appearing exorbitant.

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