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The 5 Best Men’s Handbags To Buy Under $500 on Amazon

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In recent years, accessories have grown increasingly popular in menswear, especially the handbag. Designers like Simon Jacquemus, Telfar Clemens, and Kim Jones of Dior are going beyond the stigma of “the man bag.”

No longer a staple only in a women’s wardrobe, today designers are revolutionizing how men wear bags and incorporate them to show off their personal style. Seen as an extension to the outfit, handbags are arguably one of the hottest accessories right now for style and functionality.

Amazon Fashion has jumped on the wave with offerings of men’s bags in a variety of styles, shapes, and functionality for every man out there and at a great price point. From an athletic crossbody bag to a stylish eco-bag, we have put together some of the best handbags to add style to your looks and carry around your goods.

Adidas Originals Festival Crossbody Bag

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We may not be seeing festivals for a while but this mini bag is also great for everyday wear to carry your essentials. If you’re only out for quick errands this Adidas bag is all you need to keep your things intact. The Adidas logo also gives your look a more casual and athletic flair. Would you need anything else aside from your keys, cellphone, and wallet?

Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

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We all need a good durable duffle bag for those weekend getaways or gym days — whichever suits your lifestyle. This Herschel duffel bag has a minimalistic design and spacious capacity which makes it perfect for the long haul.

PUMA Evercat Cambridge Tote

Image used with permission by copyright holder

A multi-use tote perfect for the gym and park but also great for those grocery store runs. Whether you’re putting running shoes or food inside, you can’t go wrong with this Puma bag. This is a durable tote that will last you a long time. The black finish also makes it the perfect go-to option for everyday essentials.

Herschel Bamfield Mid-Volume

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A durable tote with reinforced straps for your heaviest cargo (within reason). Whether you’re going on a day trip or simple have a lot of stuff on hand — hey, we aren’t judging. This bag is perfect to tote around your goods with ease. It may look like a lightweight tote but it can actually fit a lot of items you’ll be needing.

BAGGU Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Now who said totes have to be boring? I don’t know … but it definitely wasn’t Baggu! An eco-friendly (and stylish) take on the classic shopping bag, you’ll never look more fun for your Sunday errand runs with all of their fun print offerings. The striped design definitely stands out from the crowd and you can fit in all the groceries and essentials you need.

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