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BenchMade Modern Is Now Supplying Your Home Furnishing and Décor Needs

BenchMade Modern's new home furnishing and décor includes rugs, tables, chairs and lighting.
BenchMade Modern’s new home furnishing and décor includes rugs, tables, chairs and lighting. Image used with permission by copyright holder

BenchMade Modern, long been known for its luxury, custom-sized sofas and sectionals, has expanded into supplying its customers home furnishing and décor needs, from chairs to the rugs underneath and from tables to the lighting that makes the room pop.

The brand’s chairs are designed to fit all activities and uplift all spaces with choices that support dining, lounging and work in front of the screen. BenchMade’s new reclining seats offer post-work and weekend relaxation with lifetime warrantied frames that feature an advanced, unidirectional webbing suspension system built on a seven-ply wood frame. Support rises from premium high-density, high-resiliency, firm foam inside backs and seats.

BenchMade Modern’s chairs provide function and fashion to accent any room and accentuate any experience. This includes the classic Lilly wingback recliner, which brims with modern flair and dramatic curves that are gentle on your body with unmistakable modern detailing that are candy for the eye. Lilly’s cousin, the Gough recliner chair, oozes upright and fully reclined style from hidden, retractable footrests. Customize reclining accent chair looks by choosing from over 120 performance upholstery options and three base finishes.

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Speaking of selection, BenchMade Modern’s side and coffee tables provide eloquent natural and minimalist design from black metal to teak wood. And underneath, the décor company’s new rugs show off an impressive selection of elegant fabrics woven into whimsical and geometric patterns that bring rooms of any size together. 

To brighten and burnish custom interiors, BenchMade’s new home décor features lighting via lamps and ceiling fixtures. The Triple Pendant, its most popular bulb and fixture set, shows off brass, graphite, oak, or walnut pendants above either clear, vintage Voronoi II bulbs or matte-finished Sphere IV’s in a circular canopy that creates stunning ceiling features. Looking for more illumination? Let the nine-bulb set emblazon your home. Sphere IV and Voronoi II globes also punctuate Benchmade’s Knuckle Table Lamps, available in walnut, oak, or blackened oak with a satin brass-finish base. 

BenchMade’s website makes it fun and easy to update living rooms as you choose the accents to coordinate with brand new, custom-made furniture. Its ready-to-ship goods are ready to head out the door in as little as two days and custom-tailored pieces are manufactured and sent out in as few as five weeks. 

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