Push the Boundaries of Your Scent with Azzaro Chrome X Under the Pole Cologne

Chrome cologne for Men, originally released in 1996, has been a classic, go-to, everyday scent for over 20 years. Now, the heralded blend of fragrances has been reinvented with a new formula that is alcohol-free and water-based.

Azzaro’s limited edition revamp of the Chrome fragrance flaunts a well-rounded freshness with a woodsy-yet-icy aroma, reflecting the feelings of freedom and escape often felt by participants of the partner company, Under The Pole.

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Under The Pole is a community of expeditions devoted to pushing the human limits of underwater polar explorations, all while collecting data and information about the alien ocean world underneath our planet’s poles. Under the Pole has sent teams to dive under Arctic ice caps and explore the western seashores of Greenland in order to find a deeper understanding of — and to capture video and photos of — life in the deep.

Driven by the same outdoor inspiration and adventurous spirit, the Azzaro Chrome X Under The Pole pairing captures ocean exploration in both intelligence and scent. The fragrance takes its cues from these remarkable expeditions. You’ll detect notes of everything from pineapple citrus, sour lemon, and bergamot, to bitters, and hints of musk sandalwood. This results in a boundary-pushing blend which boasts refreshed, natural sensations that are both elegant and sensual, and as invigorating as a polar wind chill.

The aforementioned movement of the cologne away from traditional manufacturing to an alcohol-free base not only allows the Azzaro Chrome X Under The Pole scent to keep its subtle freshness throughout the day without burning off, it significantly embodies the aquatic heart and nature of Under The Pole’s work.

Currently, Under The Pole has a group of explorers, divers, and scientists embarked on a three-year expedition from the Arctic to Antarctica. Along the way, their teams will be studying the ecosystems of the unknown twilight zone (the part of the ocean just deep enough to receive the last few rays of light from the sun above) in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

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The Azzaro Chrome X Under The Pole cologne bottle also features a sleek deep-blue gradient design, echoing that of the ocean’s depths and polar ice caps in Under The Pole’s trips. So not only will this cologne help you smell fresh, it’ll look icy cool on your bathroom counter, too. The limited edition Azzaro Chrome X Under The Pole fragrance collaboration is available now at Macy’s ($87).

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