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This Classic American Brand Is Truly a Well-dressed Man’s Best Friend

Allen Edmonds Celebrates 100 Years of Innovative Footwear

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When conjuring an image of the quintessential, classic American shoe there is only one name that comes to mind: Allen Edmonds. For the last century, Allen Edmonds has been supplying men all around the world with well-crafted, time-honored footwear.

This year, Allen Edmonds celebrates its 100th anniversary, a century during which it’s fully lived up to its brand promise, “to create superior quality men’s shoes made of the best leathers and created by the best craftsmen in America.”

Timeless Design, Sustainable Materials

A man’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of timeless, reliable shoes and since 1922, Allen Edmonds’s artisan footwear has reigned supreme, establishing themselves as some of the best men’s shoes on the market. Even for the most low-maintenance fellow, a pair of classic shoes is essential; Allen Edmonds are made for everyone.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whether you opt to dress them up with a suit and tie or dress them down with jeans and a button-down, Allen Edmonds are as versatile as they are functional. Allen Edmonds shoes are the item in your closet that’s bound to go with every outfit for every occasion.

Allen Edmonds recognizes sustainability as part of its brand DNA. That’s why every pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is designed with intention and manufactured masterfully: they’re made to last for the long haul. The lifespan of a pair of Allen Edmonds is only further extended by the brand’s commitment to restoring and repairing its products instead of sending them a landfill.

The Shoes Every Man Needs in his Closet

Allen Edmonds Park Ave cap toe oxford in black.
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One of the most universally beloved, go-with-everything staples of the Allen Edmond collection is the Park Avenue cap-toe oxford. Available in an impressive range of colors, sizes and widths, the Park Avenue is the high-quality shoe that pulls every outfit together, elevating your style in a classic, timeless way.

Over two million pairs of the Park Avenue cap-toe oxford have been sold to date and an impressive 250,000 pairs have been recrafted, making the Park Avenue Allen Edmonds all-time best-selling shoe.

Its sturdy construction and substantial cap-toe shape make the Park Avenue a favorite of business leaders, US presidents, and cultural icons all around the world. If there is one shoe every man should have in his closet, it’s the Park Avenue.

We speak from personal experience; the Park Avenue is simply gorgeous. They arrive in luxurious, premium packaging that’s representative of the level of craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Allen Edmonds. Unboxing the shoes feels like opening your most anticipated gift on Christmas morning. We felt as much joy and excitement in opening them as we experienced when we wore them for the first time.

If there is one shoe every man should have in his closet, it’s the Park Avenue.

Handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin, these shoes look and feel like the epitome of luxury. The leather lined interior is so soft and sturdy, and it’s immediately obvious that the CustomCork™ insoles will form to fit your feet perfectly after a short amount of wear. These shoes are incredibly impressive, both visually and from a comfort perspective.

The single layer of vegetable-tanned leather used to build the soles gives the Park Avenue cap-toe oxford a sleek, low profile, and we can imagine wearing these with quite literally any outfit. After taking these for a spin, it’s not hard to see why the Park Avenue is Allen Edmond’s best-selling style. You can wear them all day, and all night, to any venue.

An Investment That’ll Last a Lifetime

Model Luke Ditella wearing Allend Edmonds gear on motorcylce.
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As Allen Edmonds celebrates its centennial anniversary, the world-class company keeps its eye to the future. Over the last several years, the Park Avenue collection has grown to include sneakers and hybrid shoes, which meet the ever-evolving needs of Allen Edmonds loyal customers.

As the demands for mens footwear have changed over time, Allen Edmonds has consistently risen to the occasion, blending its unmatched craftsmanship with innovative new designs.

While each pair of Allen Edmonds is nothing short of an investment, the quality, timelessness, and style of each handcrafted pair ensures that your investment will last a lifetime. Allen Edmond makes shoes for every man and every man’s closet deserves a pair of these iconic American shoes.

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