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The Manual’s 20 Most Popular News Stories of 2018

While The Manual’s goal is to enrich people’s lives with a suite of how-tos and best-ofs — to show men how to live a life that is more engaged — we also brought you a fair share of lifestyle news throughout the year. Here is a look back at the buzziest headlines and the coolest things we found in 2018.

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The Coolest Gadgets and Stuff of 2018

The Coolest Homes and Buildings We Saw in 2018

Editors' Recommendations

The 20 Best First Date Ideas That Are Fun and Fresh for Couples
Two playing a game together on a date.

The thing about first dates is that the most exciting part is probably getting to know a new person. And since it's the first official meetup, it's pretty understandable how this can cause stress. However, always remember that they also have to get to know you! We all have the same date night nerves, so when thinking of an idea for that event, it helps to put yourself in your date's shoes.

Fortunately, there are tons of new first date ideas, unlike the overly clichéd ones such as dinners out, catching a movie, and/or hitting the best bars in America. Because we've been forced to stay home for over a year due to the pandemic, our creative sides have picked up some pretty helpful ideas for specific activities such as this, making the happy hour for date night more creative, personal, and natural.

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How to Plan an Unforgettable Staycation at Home in 2021

Staycations are an amazing way to step back from the craziness of your everyday life without having to deal with the stress that comes along with travel, especially during the pandemic. From staying at a hotel to rediscovering your hometown to plotting out home activities this fall, it’s really just a break from your typical schedule.

Before embarking on your at-home getaway, do yourself a favor and spruce up your home. Clean your house or hire someone to do it for you. That way, you’ll feel as though you’re chilling in a luxe boutique hotel, which will make your homegrown fall vacation more realistic. You don’t need to go crazy, but kicking off your staycation with these activities will make for a more relaxed stay.

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Penfolds Wines Releases Limited Edition Record Player
Penfolds 70th Anniversary Grange record player.

Penfolds 70th Anniversary Grange record player.

The Penfolds winery, founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1844, has unveiled a limited edition record player console to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Max Schubert’s Grange wines. 

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