This Adventure-Ready Van Can Fit 7 Guys, 5 Bikes, and a Full Bed

The Swiss Army Knife of vans, Vandoit might be the most versatile, spacious, and all-around badass travel vehicle we’ve ever seen.

Beyond the solar panel roof, removable seats that make room for an inside kitchen, and mounted platform that turns the back into a karaoke stage, Vandoit can also seven people and up to five bicycles. That’s right. Most of us can’t do that with two cars, let alone one.

Better yet, a Vandoit only costs between $48,000-79,000 (less expensive than a new Jeep Wrangler) and is 100-percent customizable to your adventuring needs. Can you say van life goals?

Now for the nitty gritty (our favorite part): Vandoit is a hybrid passenger van that can haul bikes, boards, and tons of other outdoor toys. Its back doors open up to a Gear Slide platform that can be pulled out to hover above the ground, acting as a stage or even a makeshift booth if you’re selling gear at a festival (the platform holds 750 lbs). Store your bikes on the Gear Slide for easy access and peace of mind, because they won’t slip off the roof (although there is also a roof rack).

Above the Gear Slide is a lofted bed that is height-adjustable. If you don’t have enough pillow room, turn the Gear Slide into a bottom bunk for two levels of sleep space. Bonus: This set-up keeps you off the ground while camping, therefore keeping you warmer through the night.

Hungry? Remove the middle passenger seats and insert the Kitchen Pod, complete witha two-burner gas cook top, sink with running water, refrigerator, and optional microwave (all the perks of a camper van without the special and gas-cost draws). If it feels like a hassle to remove the seats, you can set up the Kitchen Pod outside the van — don’t forget to draw the pitched roof shade.


Want more? Roof solar panels send power to the television, audio system, fridge, Xbox, DISH Network, karaoke system, 110 outlets, USB ports, GPS, Wi-Fi, A/C, air compressor, and water pump even when there’s zero electricity. (By all means, go off the grid.) The smart solar system boasts 320 watts of power compared to a traditional camper, van which only has 200 watts. In yo face. “Our smart solar system computer can read the amount of extra energy still remaining via shore power and through the automobile without damaging either and uses the excess energy to charge the solar system so you aren’t disappointed,” says a rep for the company.

And, of course, the Vandoit comes with trippy LED lighting (very Night at the Roxbury) and a lovely removable toilet.

It’s time to invest in your own tricked-out explore-mobile. Theonly question is: which six friends you’ll take and where you’ll head first?

If you’re not ready to commit to the van life, you can simply try a rental for vacation through GoCamp.