The Secret to this Featherweight 298-Pound Teardrop Trailer Is Chicken Feathers

Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers

For decades, teardrop trailers have served as the perfect base camp for roadtrippers looking to criss-cross the country with as little gear as possible in tow. However, even the swankiest teardrop trailers tend to be cramped and still too heavy to be towed by a compact car or electric vehicle. Earth Traveler targets both problems by starting with an expandable, organic-inspired design and a unique construction base of actual chicken feathers.

Earth Traveler’s entry-level T300 brings a whole new meaning to the word “featherweight.” The teardrop trailer’s one-piece construction is built using fiberglass and resin-reinforced feathers to bring the dry weight down to less than 300 pounds. That’s light enough to be towed by most any electric car — and even some motorcycles — on the market. The company’s flagship T250LX ups the ante with a 100% carbon fiber construction that’s ultra-durable and weighs just 216 pounds with the axle.

Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers

The handcrafted designs were inspired by biomimicry with a shape that’s both organic and aerodynamic. The compact footprint of both models measures just 5 feet by 5 feet by 11 feet to minimize drag while en route to your next destination. Once you’re ready to pitch camp for the night, the pop-out, gull-wing roof and side walls expand the sleeping quarters to a roomier 11 feet by 7 feet by 11 feet. Mosquito mesh all around helps keep out biting things. By day, oversized windows ensure the cabin is awash in light, while after dark, five interior LED lights ensure you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing.

Standard equipment for both models is intentionally sparse to allow customers to customize their Earth Traveler to their specifications. Front pop-up and side tents plus an available UV awning help make each model more livable and provide bonus outdoor space to create a separate “living room.” Each model can also be outfitted with a full-featured electrical system including additional LED lighting, plus flexible solar panels and a backup battery. An optional dedicated kitchen station and off-roading kit are in the works for real off-grid living.

Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers

Earth Traveler’s T300 bases at USD $10,000, while the flagship T250LX teardrop trailer starts around $31,000. All are built to order with an expected lead time of five to seven months. At least that means you can start planning your winter camping and roadtripping now.

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