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Range Rover shows its dark side with the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack

Would you speed by this car if it was parked on the side of the highway?

Right side profile shot of a 2025 Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE with Stealth Pack parked on desert sand between two black monoliths.

Range Rover dropped a new appearance package for the 2025 Range Rover Sport. The Stealth Pack option, available solely for the Sport Dynamic SE model, doesn’t boost the SUV’s performance but focuses on looks. According to a Jaguar Land Rover news release, buyers will choose the Stealth Pack for its visceral effect on the Range Rover Sport’s appearance. Whether you think it looks sporty, powerful, or scary may depend on what movies you watch or where you drive.

Why the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack matters

2025 Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE with Stealth Pack traveling up a mountain road with distant mountains in the background.

Range Rover wants you to know its vehicles can look sinister with subtle, stealthy colorways and dramatic finishes. Range Rover is synonymous with high-priced luxury haulers popular with royalty and A-listers. Launching the Stealth Pack option exclusively for the sport-focused model in the lineup messages the automaker’s interest in appealing to a broader market.

In emphasizing the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack’s dark side, a theme repeated multiple times in the news release, Range Rover isn’t trying to cast the SUV as evil. On the contrary, the Stealth Pack is supposed to overlay the Range Rover’s refined and luxurious aesthetic with a refined and contemporary sports aesthetic.

Hannah Custance, Range Rover Materiality Design Manager, further explains, “It was created for clients looking for a specification which conveys empowerment and strength.”

What’s included in the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack?

025 Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE with Stealth Pack sliding into a left turn on desert sand with black monoliths in the background.

The Stealth Pack consists of colors, finishes, and special treatments for the car’s exterior and interior, as well as the Range Rover Sport’s wheels and brakes. Most exterior surfaces are Carpathian Grey metallic paint covered with a protective satin-finish wrap, which can be replaced if damaged or scratched.

The roof and accent pieces, including hood vents, lettering, lower front and rear bumpers, and side sills, are painted contrasting Navick Black Gloss with the Stealth Pack.

The Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack includes 23-inch Navick Black Gloss wheels, black disc calipers, and dark privacy glass.

In addition to Natural Black Veneers on the interior, buyers can choose either Ebony Windsor Leather or Light Cloud Windsor Leather with the Stealth Pack.

The Range Rover Sport Dynamic Edition

025 Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE with Stealth Pack sliding into a left turn on desert sand with black monoliths in the background.

The Stealth Pack is available exclusively for the Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE, which features a 395 horsepower, 48V mild-hybrid six-cylinder Ingenium gas engine, a 150 mph maximum speed, and 5.2 seconds zero-to-60 acceleration.

Would you slow down if you saw this car on the side of the highway?

Right side profile shot of a 2025 Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE with Stealth Pack driving on a desert road with mountains in the background.

The Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE with the Stealth Pack option will surely appeal to the many American buyers who have opted for blacked-out vehicles. Range Rover’s focus on the dark and dramatic theme with the Sport Stealth Pack may benefit from the SUV’s similarity to unmarked government and police cars. If I were driving in Connecticut and saw the Range Rover Sport in the above photo parked on the side of the highway, I’d instinctively slow down. Wouldn’t you?

The Stealth Pack option for the 2025 Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE lists for $10,305 in the United States.

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