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The Annual Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Challenger Dark Horse

The Annual Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Challenger Dark Horse.
The Annual Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Challenger Dark Horse. Indian Motorcycle

Bringing whiskey and motorcycles together is a bad idea, except in the case of Jack Daniels and Indian Motorcycles. These classic American brands meld like Jack and Coke. In the case of these Jack-inspired Indian bikes, designers didn’t even forget the lemon-lime garnish.

In what’s become an annual tradition, Indian and Jack just launched the 2022 Challenger Dark Horse, the latest über-limited custom creation in the six-year-running collaboration. This year the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition bike is based on Indian’s Challenger model and pays homage to JD’s Tennessee Rye whiskey. With most of the actual design and build duties coming from the team at the Mitchell, South Dakota-based Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, the 2022 Dark Horse is limited to a production run of just 107 units.

The Indian-Jack partnership launched in 2016, and, six years later, the formula is still firing on all cylinders. Three years after its Jack Daniels partnership began, Indian Motorcycle shook up the bagger market in 2019 with the cargo-ready Challenger. The new motorcycle featured a growling Indian PowerPlus liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin engine that produced 122 horsepower and 128 foot-pounds of torque. The long-haul V-twin also served as a canvas to pour on Jack Daniels Tennessee-whiskey inspired motifs.

Klock Werks coated the 2022 edition in “Rye Metallic,” a nod to JD’s original, 70% rye grain bill (in contrast to bourbons often consisting of up to 70% corn). Gold and green citrus accents mesh with the glossy brown to create a two-tone effect on the Challenger’s bags, tank, fender, and substantial front fairing.

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The Challenger Dark Horse’s floorboards are embossed with silver rye stem outlines, while Indian’s 108-cubic-inch V-twin is stamped between the cylinders with a serialized Jack Daniel’s Montana Silversmiths badge (numbered 1-107). Not to forget who delivers the hooch, the Jack Daniel’s logo is stitched in gold on the seat’s backrest, ensuring passersby note the bike’s boozy providence.

The Dark Horse’s custom build is Indian’s premium version of the stock Challenger and, as such, contains a premium package. This includes comprehensive electronics in concert with smart-lean technology that optimizes ABS in turns and an active headlight system to increase visibility in various conditions. A power windshield, a tire pressure monitoring system, Apple CarPlay integration, and a juiced Powerband Audio system that’s 50% louder than stock wrap up additional upgrades.

Priced from $36,999, the 2022 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Challenger Dark Horse is available to order from Indian Motorcycle dealers as of Oct. 21;

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