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F1 Las Vegas: Aston Martin might have the coolest on-site and virtual presence we’ve seen yet

Aston Martin at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix
Aston Martin at the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Aston Martin

As part of the company’s biggest-ever F1 marketing push, Aston Martin has a unique presence at F1 Las Vegas.

The British automaker has turned The MSG Sphere into an Aston Martin marketing bubble, which is not unique. Many brands are doing the same this week, particularly those with a physical presence in Las Vegas for race week and long-standing sponsors of F1. But Aston Martin does have one of the coolest MSG Sphere marketing pushes we’ve seen this week.

Aston Martin has set itself apart with its custom configurator, which features the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit. This is the first time an F1 race circuit has been featured in any auto configurator.

Marco Mattiacci, Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer of Aston Martin, notes:

With the United States being our largest market and brand community, the Las Vegas Grand Prix creates a new landmark in the F1 calendar and will see our biggest-ever race marketing and VIP hospitality presence.

Targeting much more than brand awareness, our activities are an example of how we are maximizing the tremendous global platform of F1 to drive the reappraisal of Aston Martin amongst new audiences, infuse our products with the sport’s high-performance DNA and connect our community through unique luxury experiences.

Data shows that our configurator traffic rises by 13% on F1® race weekends, compared to non-race weekends, a statistic which has been as high as 30% this season when Aston Martin has been on the podium. With our new Las Vegas Grand Prix configurator environment going live this week, we believe this will draw even further technology synergies between track and road, while enabling our customers and fans across the globe to get a sense of the excitement in Las Vegas.

Aston Martin F1 Las Vegas Sphere
Aston Martin presentation on the Sphere from Metropolis on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023, in Las Vegas. (L.E. Baskow) @Left_Eye_Images Aston Martin

Aston Martin’s Sphere advertising is equally immersive, with its iconic scarab beetle awakening and taking flight to shatter the MSG Sphere – virtually, of course.

As for the configurator, Aston Martin added Las Vegas Grand Prix imagery to its online vehicle builder (read: configurator) to entice fans and buyers. And we don’t know what to tell you if seeing your new Aston Martin on the F1 circuit, even virtually, doesn’t make you want one.

Finally, Aston Martin also does “Hot Laps” for VIP guests. Those guests and celebrity invitees can ride along for 45 laps on the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit in a DBX707 and Vantage F1 Edition. Suppose you’re ready to sneak away from the madness of Las Vegas. In that case, Aston Martin is also hosting an off-road excursion in the Nevada desert, escorting VIPs via helicopter over the Strip and Grand Canyon before descending to the Valley of Fire to off-road in a DBX707.

For car nuts and race fans, Aston Martin has one of the coolest presences yet at F1 week in Las Vegas.

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