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2024 Polaris 3-wheeler model lineup features performance-inspired Slingshot Roush Edition

2024 Polaris Slingshot adds power to styling pizazz.

2024 Polaris Slingshot ROUSH Edition on a city street driving straight toward the viewer.
Polaris / Polaris

The Polaris 3-wheel Slingshot has always been a “Look-at-me” statement vehicle. It’s also a ton of fun to drive. The 2024 Slingshot model lineup maintains its attention-getting edge, adding to the funmobile’s livability and performance capabilities.

Polaris makes it easy to customize your Slingshot with a wide selection of accessories. Notable new Slingshot accessories include top and rear panel options for more excellent protection from the elements. Driving a Slingshot is an open-air experience. State laws vary, but some states classify the three-wheeler as a motorcycle and require that drivers and passengers wear helmets. Equipping your Slingshot with a top provides a modicum of protection from the baking sun and heavy rain. Add a back panel; you’ll also have less head and helmet buffeting from the wind.

The 2024 Slingshot Roush Edition brings upgraded performance to the platform with upgraded Brembo brakes, a race car-style steering wheel, and brand-specific styling elements.

The five model variants of the 2024 Polaris Slingshot have starting prices that range from $21,999 for the Slingshot S with a manual transmission to $40,299 for the Slingshot Roush Edition with an automatic transmission. The model breakdown below outlines the primary differences, colorways, and starting prices for the 2024 Slingshot model.

2024 Polaris Slingshot S parted on pavement with a large lake in the background.
Polaris / Polaris

2024 Polaris Slingshot S

The base model for 2024 is the Slingshot S, starting at $21,999 with a 5-speed manual transmission and $23,849 with an AutoDrive automatic transmission. The S has a 178 horsepower Prostar 2.0 liter 4-cylinder fuel-injected engine. The S has ABS for its 298mm disc brakes, independent double-wishbone suspension, speed-sensitive power steering, and a full complement of LED vehicle lights.

The Slingshot S rides on 18-inch aluminum front wheels and a 20-inch rear wheel with Kenda SS-799 tires. Other standard features include electronic stability control (ESC), traction control, proximity key with keyless start, cruise control, two 12V DC outlets, and a single USB port. The standard steering wheel is rubberized with a molded leather texture. The Slingshot S is available in Moonlight White only.

The Slingshot S with Technology Package 1 starts at $24,849 with a manual shifter and $26,849 with the automatic. This upgrade is available in Moonlight White or Jet Black and adds a 50-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system.

Three 2024 Polaris Slingshot SL, one heavily accessorized coming over a bridge heading drectly toward the viewer.
Polaris / Polaris

2024 Polaris Slingshot SL

The Slingshot starts getting colorful with the SL model. Available in Ocean Gray, Volt Orange, Midnight Blue, and Miami Blue Pearl, the Slingshot SL starts at $28,149 with manual transmission and $$29,999 with automatic transmission. Upgrades from the Slingshot S with Technology Package 1 include a back-up camera, Ride Command 7-inch touchscreen display with Bluetooth and USB phone connectivity, 200W Rockford Fosgate audio system, a center brake light, leather-wrapped steering wheel, passive security system, a clear wind defector, and 2 USB ports.

A single red 2024 Polaris Slingshot SLR in an empty parking lot in the middle of a city with large modern office buildings.
Polaris / Polaris

2024 Polaris Slingshot SLR

The 2024 Slingshot SLR has a more powerful 203-hp engine, starting at $31,149 with manual and $32,999 with automatic transmission. Additional upgrades from the Slingshot SL include a wider 305mm rear wheel and a two-tone paint scheme in Moonlight Shadow, Slingshot Red Pearl, or Seaglass Haze. The SLR also has LED front lower accent lights and a tinted wind deflector.

Two people carrying motorcycle helmets walking toward a 2024 Polaris Slingshot R on a paved path through a grassy area with a highway bridge in the background.
Polaris / Polaris

2024 Polaris Slingshot R

Available in Phantom Gray, Radar Blue Fade, Army Green Flash, Gold Rush, and Purple Lightning, the Slingshot R starts at $34,799 for manual and $36,949 for AutoDrive. The SLR model adds larger Brembo 4-piston brakes, Apple CarPlay, connected weather and traffic overlay services with navigation, a tri-tone paint scheme, styled aluminum roll hoops, a sport steering wheel, vented hood, and two-color interior LED accent lights.

A right front three-quarter view of a 2024 Polaris Slingshot ROUSH Edition with an accessory top traveling on a two-lane road with hills in the background.
Polaris / Polaris

2024 Polaris Slingshot Roush Edition

The top-spec 2024 Slingshot Roush Edition, available only with a unique Racetrack Red colorway, starts at $38,149  with the manual transmission and $40,299 with the automatic transmission. The Roush Edition’s Brembo brakes have exclusively slotted rotors (to help with brake cooling), a Slingshot Excursion Top, Spaco Pedal Covers, and a racing-style steering wheel. The seats, dash, and interior interior have particular color-matched design elements, including blacked-out badging.

Cockpit of a 2024 Polaris Slingshot ROUSH Edition.
Polaris / Polaris
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