What to Wear: Hiking

For this edition of What to Wear, we turned to Fjallraven’s outdoor expert, Michael Skuage, who tells you how to assemble the best hiking ensemble:

For those weekend warriors who welcome the fall season with its cool, crisp evenings, amazing colors, and earthy smells, taking advantage of one of the few remaining weekends of the year to hike is one of the most rewarding activities for an avid outdoorsman. And who doesn’t like to get sweaty and dirty in nature every once and a while.

For this jaunt into the forest, we recommend the layering system to keep you comfortable. Start with the Keb Fleece to trap heat against your body yet allow all that excess perspiration to escape and breathe. The Greenland Pro Trousers, when waxed with our Greenland Wax, will plow through dry leaves, sticks, rocks, bears (well, not really) and whatever else you encounter in the wilderness with ease. They are super durable, water resistant, and dry very quickly if wet. Throw on the Abisko Jacket (also waxable with our Greenland Wax) when the wind and rain come out to play to protect against harsher weather, yet stay comfortable with breathable stretch panels under the arms and back to stay comfortable. Our fully-adjustable Abisko backpacks can hold a weekend’s worth of gear easily. The front panel zips off to allow full access to the entire bag plus it comes with a rain cover so your gear stays plenty dry. You’ll also need boots. Grab a pair of Tatra GTX’s. Completely waterproof, surprisingly comfortable, and can handle year-round use. Figure you can just use the compass on your smart phone to find your way? Bad move. Pick up the always reliable Brunton O.S.S 30B compass to find out which way is north, read maps with ease, and adjust for declination (what’s that? Look it up!). But what if you just have to have your precious smart phone on the trail for several days to watch cat videos . . . wimp. Bring the Brunton Inspire portable power to charge it up while in the middle of nowhere. It’s always convenient to have whether on the trail or not.

Clockwise, L-R: Greenland Pro Trousers, $125 at fjallraven.us; Abisko 55 Backpack, $200 at fjallraven.us; Brunton Inspire, $72 at brunton.com; O.S.S. 30B Compass $20 at fjallraven.us; Abisko Jacket, $200 at fjallraven.us; Keb Fleece, $200 at fjallraven.us; Hanwag Tatra Boots, $290 at fjallraven.us; Greenland Wax, $5 at fjallraven.us