Become a Lord of the Rungs with New Zealand’s 450-meter Wildwire Wanaka Waterfall Climb

From the land of bungee jumping comes another spectacular thrill. Only this adventure features nature, a waterfall, a 450-meter climb, and a fantastically punny name.

Opened on September 18, the Wildwire Wanaka’s Lord of the Rungs experience is the world’s highest via ferrata waterfall climb, located just outside of Wanaka, New Zealand. The 450 -meter ascent is both harrowing and physical, involving rungs and cables that rise high above the valley. Taking an average six to seven hours to reach the top, once there, adventure-seekers descend not by climbing down, but via a helicopter ride with astounding aerial views of Twin Falls and the surrounding natural beauty.

Created by mountaineer-turned-tourism-guide and operator Mark Morrison, the Wildwire Wanaka waterfall climb experience is the most difficult of the three climbs offered by Wildwire Wanaka. In order to complete this feat, you can’t be scared of heights (since you’re clinging to metal rungs embedded in the sides of cliffs hanging hundreds of feet above the ground), you have to be physically fit (again, you’ve have to climb these rungs), and you’ve got to be adventurous enough to want to scramble over hills, up ladders, and via cables for half a day. However, Wildwire Wanaka takes pains to make clear that no climbing experience is required. So, if you can climb a ladder and walk for two-hours, you’re good to go.

But, if hauling yourself vertically for many hours isn’t your particular pint of beer, you can always opt for Wildwire’s two other climbing options: the easy Go Wild climb and the moderate Wild Things climb, which are both shorter and less intense all-around.

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand anytime in the future and you’re looking for a truly unique and wild experience, plan on visiting Wanaka and spending a day cliffside overlooking some of the most stunning scenery in the Southern Hemisphere. We know you won’t regret it.

The Wildwire Wanaka Waterfall climb starts at $595 per person with a two-person minimum reservation. For more information, check out their official website

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