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This Travel Agency is Giving Away 25 Epic Vacation Stays (Including an Airplane Treehouse)

Thanks to our less-than-stellar handling of the COVID-19 crisis, many countries promptly shut the door on American travelers. The mantra around the world seems to be, “You don’t have to stay home, but you can’t come here.” But, that doesn’t mean all travel is off-limits. To celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, VRBO is giving away 25 stays at incredible vacation rental homes. The good news is that most are located in the States, so you might not even need your passport.

727 Airplane Jungle Fuselage in Costa Rica

VRBO’s latest contest is giving 25 families a memorable vacation worth at least $5,000 each. These aren’t your typical vacation rental homes, either. From the beaches to the lakes to the mountains, winners can pick from the company’s most unique, most iconic listings. These include a massive, 38-person Texas ranch that’s basically its own private amusement park, a luxurious ski-friendly treehouse in Montana, and a private island retreat with lakefront views all to yourself. The pièce de résistance, however, has to be Costa Rica’s famous 727 Airplane Jungle Fuselage — a legit, decommissioned jet fuselage that looks like it crash-landed in the treetops near Manual Antonio National Park. From a vantage point some 50 feet above the jungle canopy, the one-of-a-kind treehouse offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and some of Costa Rica’s most iconic beachfront.

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Red Sands Ranch Amusement Park in Texas

The list of 25 homes was compiled from VRBO’s best-rated vacation homes, condos, cabins, and even castles. They’re the listings that VRBO travelers have liked, pinned, shared, and talked about more than any others. Entrants only need to share and tag a favorite family travel photo on social media. “We’re giving away 25 stays in some truly over-the-top VRBOs to our favorite entrants – so share any throwback vacation photo that warms your heart, makes you laugh, smile, or even shed a happy tear,” said Lish Kennedy, VRBO’s VP of Global Brand Marketing.

VRBO Private Island Vacation Rental

The contest runs until October 18, 2020. To enter, just share a throwback family vacation photo on either Facebook or Instagram. Make sure it’s public, tag it with #VRBOTurns25, and you’re in. Get the full contest details here.

If you’re looking for a seasonally appropriate escape right now, check out our roundup of the most haunted vacation rental homes worthy of Halloween 2020.

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