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Break Out the Brass: Sir Richard Branson Lands Virgin Hotel in New Orleans

Virgin Hotel NOLA's library and coffee shop
Virgin Hotel NOLA’s library and coffee shop Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sir Richard Branson is opening new digs in New Orleans and you’re invited. And if you’ve got enough flow, his penthouse awaits, above the kingdom below.

Last week, Branson and Virgin Hotels opened its newest venture in New Orleans. The new hotel boasts 238 rooms (known as chambers), including “Grand Chamber Suites,” a “Penthouse Suite” and “Richard’s Penthouse Flat” — a 1,097-square-foot space with floor-to-ceiling windows commanding a view of funky downtown New Orleans below.  

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Local art, historical detailing, and Art Deco-inspired elements weave through the hotel, evoking the city’s old-world sensibility in the arms of modern luxury. Each ‘chamber’ features a signature layout with two distinct spaces. “The Dressing Room” includes a clothing closet for two and a full vanity table that faces a well-lit mirror, an extra-large shower (with an accessible bench), complete with Red Flower toiletries.

 “The Lounge” offers relaxation in the form of Virgin’s patented, ergonomically designed lounge bed, complete with a bullion fringe trim. Stocked with street-priced comforts, a red SMEG mini-fridge offers snacks and libations that can be enjoyed while watching the hi-def television. And a café worktable with a rattan base and tempered glass provides a space for your laptop in front of built-in window seating with city views. 

Each chamber is separated by a pair of paneled doors, a nod to French design ubiquitous in residential New Orleans. Along with historical detailing, local flavor also comes with the art with works by New Orleans artist Jen Talton.

When it’s time to play, step outside to enjoy the hotel’s playful vibes and more regional flair at multiple dining and drinking outlets, including the 13th-floor “Dreamboat” bar or “The Pool Club,” a rooftop pool, restaurant, and bar. 

“This beautiful, new hotel will offer the distinctive ‘Virgin’ experience travelers know and love,” James Bermingham, chief executive officer of Virgin Hotels, shared in a statement. “We also have a real made-in-New Orleans ethos at play here, from the art and design throughout the hotel to the personalized experience we provide our guests.”

Stationed in the city’s Warehouse District, visitors would do well to eventually escape luxurious quarters to step out and take in the jazz- and soul-soaked Big Easy. 

Rooms begin at about $200 per night. Reservations are now open for an unforgettable New Orleans experience with Virgin as your home base. 

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