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3 great reasons to visit the Caribbean island Ernest Hemingway made famous

Explore this magical island

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Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas, held a special place in Ernest Hemingway’s life and work. It was on this island that the famous author found inspiration, writing several of his books while visiting Bimini. Hemingway’s novel, Islands in the Stream, is set largely in Bimini, with the first act titled “Bimini,” introducing the character of Thomas Hudson, a painter who seeks comfort on the island. Hemingway’s love affair with Bimini immortalized in his writings, has lent an enduring mystique to this tropical destination.

Today, visitors flock to Bimini not only to tread in the footsteps of this literary giant but also to revel in its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and exciting marine adventures. These are just a few of the top reasons to visit Bimini.

1. Incredible fishing and marine life

Fishing boat
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Bimini is known by many as the “Big Game Fishing Capital of the World” and is renowned for its wonderful deep-sea fishing opportunities. Whether you are casting lines in pursuit of trophy-sized marlin, mahi-mahi, or bonefish, Bimini promises an adventure to satisfy anglers of all skill levels. 

Fishing was one of the activities that Hemingway enjoyed most during his time on the island. Bimini was where Hemingway helped to establish the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and engaged in competitive saltwater angling. Hemingway was also an early advocate for conservation efforts, decades before the environmental movement even began.

2. Gorgeous beaches

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From leisurely sunbathing to adrenaline-pumping water sports, the beaches of Bimini provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments. When visiting Bimini, you’ll find several resorts offering private beaches for guests to enjoy. You can also explore other nearby beaches, such as Sugar Beach or Radio Beach. 

3. History with myths

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Bimini’s history is steeped in myths and legends that create a sense of wonder around this beautiful island paradise. One of the most famous myths associated with Bimini is the tale of the lost city of Atlantis. According to ancient lore, Bimini is believed by some to be the location of the mythical civilization described by Plato, with submerged ruins said to be lying beneath its surrounding waters. The famed Bimini Road (sometimes known as Bimini Wall) might not actually lead to Atlantis, but it’s still a pretty cool scuba diving spot.

Moreover, Bimini has long been entwined with the myth of the Fountain of Youth, a fabled spring that is said to possess rejuvenating powers. According to the legend, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León sought the fountain in the early 16th century, believing that it would grant him eternal youth. Historical accounts place León’s quest in various locations, but some theorists speculate that Bimini was the destination of his expedition. 

Additionally, Bimini has been associated with tales of pirates and hidden treasures, and there are rumored to be buried riches waiting to be discovered on the island. All of these stories further add to the mystique of Bimini’s past.

Take a trip to Bimini today

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A journey to Bimini promises an experience unlike anything else. As you explore this Caribbean gem, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the same enchanting ambiance that once inspired literary greats like Ernest Hemingway. Whether you are drawn to the thrill of deep sea fishing, the serenity of warm beaches, or the mystique of exploring ancient myths, Bimini is the place to be.

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