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Do Rimowa suitcases go on sale? When and where to shop

Rimowa suitcase by the beach.

Rimowa is a luxury travel brand. This means that if Rimowa goes on sale you can score big dollars in savings. The unfortunate thing, however, is that even if you visit the site daily and check during every holiday, you may never see a deal. What gives?

The brand doles out discounts in a way that you might not be used to, or don’t even consider to be true “discounts” when compared to more traditional manufacturers, but the Rimowa site does have suitcases that cost less. Here, we look at the brand closely, figure out what’s up with their sales scheme, and help you get Rimowa at an affordable price.

The best place to shop Rimowa

The best place to shop for Rimowa suitcases is their website. There are two primary reasons for doing so:

  • As a luxury brand, the possibility of finding counterfeit products is high, just as with Rolex fakes. The only way you can ensure you get a real Rimowa suitcase is via their website.
  • Rimowa offers a lifetime guarantee on most of their products. Buying from the store directly gives you the best chance of qualifying for this guarantee.

There may be reasons to buy from Amazon (see below) but we generally advise against it due to the above issues. There is no official Rimowa shop page on Amazon at the time of this writing, though their brand is represented by a brand tag.

Does Rimowa have sales?

The Rimowa shop does not have sales in the direct sense. As time progresses, the MSRP on products is subject to change, and when this happens you can effectively treat the new price as a sale price. The upside to all of this is that you don’t really need to wait to get a good deal, as you can find some of the worlds best luxury luggage suitecases at the standard price right now.

Note that recurring customers may get specialized returning or loyalty customer offers, though these are not guaranteed and are not “sales” as such.

Other ways to get Rimowa discounts

Just because you can’t get an explicit sale offer on the Rimowa website doesn’t mean you can’t get a discount on the merch. Try these techniques as alternatives to get Rimowa products at a lower price.

Buy refurbished Rimowa from Rimowa

We’ve long been fans of online consignment stores for clothing and other goods. For Rimowa, the best way to get refurbished goods is directly through their website. Their only listings show the product you’d be purchasing, in and out, clearly showing you any remains defects after the company has worked on it. Rimowa refers to this program as “Rimowa Re-crafted” and the products are considered “Pre-loved” suitcases and luggage. This service is specifically for their aluminum suitcases, so if you’re specifically after Rimowa suitcase sales, this is your best alternative. Note that the guarantee for refurbished products will be different than the lifetime one we typically see elsewhere throughout the store. Tap the button below to see what is on offer now or sign up for their email list, giving you instant notification when something new comes in.

Buy lower cost Rimowa products

It is not a sale, per se, but the lowest cost Rimowa luggage is a discount when compared to most of their products. While their most advertised products are over $1,000 MSRP, you can get a lot of their products for hundreds of dollars less than this four-digit mark. If you’re (rightfully) skeptical of this idea, do a quick comparison of the and the (at least for standard travel). There are differences, but they aren’t so far apart as you might expect, considering the latter is (at the time of this writing) nearly five times the price of the former. We consider the lower-end, but still luxurious, Rimowa luggage to be a “discount” of sorts.

Rimowa deals on Amazon

While the Rimowa store is the best place to get Rimowa, you can still shop for Rimowa on Amazon (and other places) via third party sellers. And, sometimes these third party sellers are offering sales and discounts. Once again, due to issues of counterfeiting and the possibility of not getting the lifetime guarantee, this method is not overwhelmingly recommended. If you do purchase Rimowa discounts from Amazon, make sure the seller is legit and that you can get your lifetime guarantee (if applicable). Shop these deals at your own peril.

When to buy Rimowa

As you might’ve been able to tell from the info above, there is no real best time to shop Rimowa. Alternatively speaking, since the prices don’t change dramatically, now is the best time to shop Rimowa. Or tomorrow. Or next year. Basically, buy your Rimowa suitcase when you need it or want it.

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