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Fall Fun: Spotlight on October Events

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Fall is underway and with it comes cooler temps and plentiful activities. What better way to spend the beautiful season than outdoors. Here are four can’t-miss-events around North America that are sure to make you smile, cheer and drink to your heart’s content.

Auburn vs. Mississippi State

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Fall is nothing without football and arguably one of the most anticipated match ups of the month comes Saturday, October 11, when the No. 3 Mississippi State Bulldogs host the No. 2 Auburn Tigers in Starkville. Both teams are undefeated and looking to keep it that way. Auburn has long been a SEC powerhouse but underdog Mississippi State has talent and momentum on its side—they crushed Texas A&M at home October 4. Quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Nick Marshall, for Mississippi State and Auburn, respectively, are both having stellar seasons and both teams’ secondaries are making winning plays. Every serious football fan will be watching this game but if you want to be there, tickets can still be had at around $200 a pop.

Richardson Corn Maze

Fall is harvest time and many farms around the country incorporate popular corn mazes into their harvest activities. One of the largest corn mazes in the country lies in Spring Grove, Illinois. Richardson Farm has been operational for more than 150 years and its popular maze weaves through 33 acres. This year’s theme commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner so expect to see battleships and soldiers. Participants are given maps with clues to find. The Farm Scene Investigation Game, which is like a whodunnit, is the most enjoyable adventure. October 10 and 11 feature a full moon and guests can venture through the maze until midnight. Richardson boasts a 30-foot zipline and zorb as well.

Yakima Valley Crush

Harvest is underway at thousands of wineries around the country. October is a great time to check out area wineries and experience harvest up close. Yakima Valley in Washington hosts Catch the Crush October 11 and 12. Wineries throughout the region offer grape stomps, tours, live music and wine tasting, natch. A Premier Pass allows visitors to enjoy myriad activities at area wineries including pairings, exclusive tastings, discounts and private tours. The area is known for its volcanic soil and abundant sunshine. Guests enjoy Bordeaux-style reds as well as Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc as a result.

BC Craft Beer Month

Like its neighbors to the south, British Columbia boasts stellar craft beer—Steam Works, Dogwood, Four Winds, etc.—and October is BC Craft Beer Month. From nano breweries to brew pubs, British Columbia has quickly gained notoriety as the beer capital of Canada and the number of breweries continue to rise, from the islands to the mountains to Vancouver and beyond. Octoberfest starts Saturday, October 11, in Oliver, B.C. Vancouver hosts Tuesday Cask Nights as well as the BC Beer Awards on Saturday, October 25. Harrison Hot Springs boasts a beer festival on October 24. Stay for the weekend and relax at Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa.


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