Dream Job Alert: Get Paid to Film and Cycle through Europe and Africa

TDA global cycling

The majority of us are forced to keep our passions and jobs separate. We work hard in a cubicle staring at a monitor nine to five to buy sweet gear and go exploring on the weekends. C’est la vie.

But such is not life for employees of TDA Global Cycling and the TDA Foundation; an adventure travel company and charitable organization, established in 2002, that offers 16 insane long-distance cycling expeditions in more than 80 countries and six continents. The Foundation side then gives back to rural communities across Africa and India, donating bicycles as a means of transportation. (So far they’ve donated more than 2,300 bikes.) TDA also hosts a four-month tour, Tour d’Afrique, which set a world record for the fastest human-powered crossing of Africa.

dream job tda global cycling internship bike on boat

So as you can see, there are jobs and then there are jobs. We want the latter, and we want you to have the latter.

If your passions include shooting film, playing with drones, cycling, and travel, it could be time to start pursuing your dream job. TDA Global Cycling has launched a search for an amateur videographer to be hired for their four-month, all-expenses-paid internship documenting its 2018 epic tours through Europe and West Africa. They’re accurately calling it the “best video internship ever.”

In exchange of a salary, the internship will provide all flights, food, accommodations, visas, and… wait for it… a $1,000 gear allowance. (Certainly beats the expensed lunch at Dave and Busters your boss normally ‘splurges’ on.) Remember, TDA isn’t looking for an “expert” videographer, but somewith with a passion for the craft and a unique view of the world. This could be your foot in the door (talk about a resume conversation starter).

Applications for the internship are due June 1, 2018 with the start date being as soon as early September.

What will a day look like at your new office? First take away the walls. You’ll join the Trans-Europa tour in Barcelona, Spain, and start filming and biking along with the cyclists. Some days will be spent riding in a support vehicle to get the best footage, giving your thighs a much-needed break. The application does state TDA is looking for, “a good on-screen personality,” but other than that, all they ask is for you to have “a passport with plenty of pages to fill.” Start practicing your selfie videos uh-now.

You’ll then travel through the Catalonian center of Tarragona and the UNESCO-listed Roman ruins of Tarraco, into the hills of Aragon and the grand ciudad of Madrid. Crossing the border to Portugal, you’ll reach the Atlantic Ocean in Lisbon. Next, hop a flight to Casablanca and prepare for the October start of the inaugural West Africa en Vélo tour, TDA Global Cycling’s newest route. Travel south through Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains and Western Sahara into remote Guinea and vibrant Freetown, Sierra Leone, and past palm trees and crashing waves from Cote d’Ivoire to the finish on Ghana’s historic Cape Coast in December.

dream job tda global cycling internship africa pyramids

If you could picture the route from behind a video lens, composing shots, and thinking of interview settings, you just might be the perfect fit. To apply, record a short video showing who you are, your personality and creativity, and what makes you unique. Then create a short clip about TDA Global Cycling and complete the application here.

Anticipating your mother’s hesitation when you tell her your plans to quit the safe desk job for greener pastures, reassure mams that TDA Global Cycling is one of the best adventure travel companies in the world. In fact, they were awarded in 2015 for their expeditions at the Independent Travel Awards. Then dramatically say something along the lines of, “I’m following my dreams! You gotta let me fly!” Because you’re a grown man who’s about to spend four months on the most wicked (paid) adventure of his life.