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Olympia Provisions’ Elias Cairo on Making Charcuterie and More

For this week’s episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast, the round-table — managing editor Nicole Raney, food and drink editor Sam Slaughter, and that nonpareil of a host Greg Nibler — sit down with the founder of Olympia Provisions, Elias Cairo.

Meat is something we at the podcast are very familiar with. We’ve talked about brisket, bacon, and other meats, and we’re always up to learn more, which is why we were so pumped for Cairo to join us. From his beginnings in Salt Lake City helping his father butcher animals and preserve veggies to his time learning the ways of being a salumist in Switzerland to how he opened not just one salumeria, but a veritable fermented meat empire, Cairo covers it all.

Along the way, we learn what it takes to make salami and paté, but also how Olympia Provisions is positioning itself to be the first zero-waste salumeria in the country (hint: it involves your furry best friends).

If you love cured or fermented meats and want to learn more, eat something beforehand and then listen to this episode. You won’t be disappointed. (Then, head to the Olympia Provisions store — link below — and pick up some more meat!)

Do you make your own charcuterie boards? Would you, if given the chance? Do you have a favorite fermented meat? Are there any that you would never try no matter what? If you ever have a question or comment for The Manual podcast folks, give us a shout at — we’re always around! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for podcast polls so you can join the discussion.

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