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We love this luxury five-star ski resort in Aspen

The Little Nell is incredible - here's why

The Little Nell Hotel Aspen
The Little Nell

Aspen, Colorado, is a winter destination with few peers. Combining big mountain adventure with world-class luxury, the Rocky Mountain enclave has something for everyone. Though known as a haven for the rich and famous, the small town is also a prime spot for serious skiers and snowboarders

When you stay in Aspen, you have many options. From five-star luxury resorts to family-owned inns, you can live it up or enjoy a simple stay. But what really matters are the four surrounding ski resorts — Aspen Mountain, Snowmass, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk — with superb terrain and ample snowfall. 

Our favorite Aspen resort is The Little Nell, a five-star escape with wall-to-wall amenities. Though it coddles guests with unique offerings, one feature sets it apart. Let’s take a closer look at this elegant mountain getaway.

Rooftop pool at The Little Nell
The Little Nell

Why The Little Nell stands out from other resorts

At the Little Nell, there’s something special wherever you look. Whether the rooms, restaurants, or spa, guests get treated to an experience like nothing else. Here are the details.

Luxury rooms at The Little Nell
The Little Nell

Elegant, full-featured rooms

In spring 2017, New York-based Champalimaud Design renovated all rooms and junior suites. By using hues of blue, tan, and gray, the firm tapped into Aspen’s serene nature. That design seamlessly blends with the six luxury suites, renovated in 2014 by Holly Hunt of Chicago. Those use an “Aspen Modern” aesthetic with chocolate, blue, and cream coloring. 

Every room has a distinct floor plan and gas log fireplace, and most have private balconies. No matter which room you choose, you’ll get a stunning view. You can take in Red Mountain, Aspen Mountain, the Continental Divide, the hotel courtyard and pool, or Durant and Spring Streets. 

Element 47 fine dining
Element 47 The Little Nell

Restaurants with unique Colorado fare

Then there’s the food. After a long day of skiing or snowboarding, après eats fuel you up for another day. The Little Nell has some of the best around, with ambiance to match. 

Element 47 is a Michelin-guide recommended restaurant serving Colorado Contemporary fare. The recipes focus on seasonal produce, house-made pasta, and local Wagyu beef for a Rocky Mountain culinary experience. An award-winning wine program ensures you always have the perfect pairing. 

Refined yet casual, Ajax Tavern serves up fun, satisfying fare. Situated next to the Silver Queen Gondola at Aspen Mountain’s base, the tavern has an upbeat mood and excellent views. After a long powder day, we’d go for the Wagyu double cheeseburger and truffle fries.

The Spa at Little Nell
The Little Nell

A brand-new spa to recover and restore

Topping it all off is the new spa. For winter 23/24, The Spa at Little Nell debuted, offering tailored wellness for everyone. With an elegant layout by Luis Bustamante Interior Design of Madrid, Spain, The Spa envelops you in a modern, comforting environment. A range of treatments — including traditional, holistic, and cutting-edge — help you relax and recover after long days on the mountain.

The spa focuses on three therapeutic pathways: Recover + Repair, Replenish + Restore, and Reset + Rebalance. Each one can be customized, ensuring an optimal experience for every guest. Whether you want to perform better or treat yourself, these therapies help you feel like new

The Little Nell ski-in ski-out
The Little Nell

The Little Nell is a ski-in/ski-out hotel

Though staying in luxury digs is nice, what matters is time on the hill. Deep powder turns and long morning cruisers draw us to the mountains. But even if you stay nearby, driving to a ski resort can be a hassle between loading up, navigating traffic, and finding parking. As the only ski-in/ski-out resort in Aspen, The Little Nell stands out. 

The Little Nell is at the base of Aspen Mountain, next to the Silver Queen Gondola. Imagine waking up, enjoying a hearty breakfast, and walking straight to the gondola. It’s like having a personal on-mountain chalet. On a powder morning, the first tracks are steps away.

Skier at Aspen Colorado
The Little Nell

How to book a stay at The Little Nell

For the devoted skier or rider who wants it all, The Little Nell is the place to stay in Aspen. If that sounds like you, booking a room is easy. All you have to do is visit the website, click the “Reservations” button, and enter your details. You can pick from different rooms and suites for a lodging experience that suits you to a T.  

Aspen, Colorado, is a first-class mountain getaway. Whether the picturesque views, superb ski terrain, or luxury lodging, the famed town provides a trip to remember. While The Little Nell Hotel offers five-star amenities all around, its ski-in/ski-out location separates it from the rest. After all, skiing is what brings us there in the first place. 

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